a fresh, new year

Happy New Year! I have high hopes for 2012, and I'm starting it off by cleaning out and finishing off and setting goals and figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. I'll be blogging up a storm here at Hey Lucy, and I'm starting to think about all the projects I can do and tutorials I can share, and things I can make for my Etsy shop. You see, while I was on vacation I learned that I had been laid off from my job. It was a bit shocking, and it's somewhat terrifying, but I really hope to turn it into something wonderful. 

It's quite fun wake up in the morning and have the whole day to putter and create, although it is surprising how much time all those mundane little things can take. I'm working on getting into a routine, a la FlyLady, and spending a certain amount of time in my little house studio. Later this week I'll be setting up my own little home office in a corner of our tiny guest room, which will involve building a desk, among other things, and I'm excited to see how it all comes together. 

In the meantime, I've whipped up and worked on a few things that have been waiting to be done for a very long time. I've had this polka dot fabric for dog beds for months, and I sewed one up the other day. It's just a giant pillow cover with an envelope back, and I stuffed it with some of our old pillows that have seen better days and needed replacing. I made it for Bear, our 10-year-old Golden Retriever, so he won't have to lay his old bones down on the floor, but Winston was eager to try it out and model for me.

image from www.flickr.com
He heartily approves. Oh, and Bear likes it too.

Ages ago I had the bright idea that I would hem some cheery blue plaid cotton squares and use them as handkerchiefs. I did a cute, hand-stitched hem on one and then ran out of steam. I really have to be in the mood for hand sewing, and the mood hasn't striked (stricken?) for awhile, so I zipped the rest through the rolled-hem foot on my sewing machine and called it good. The corners are not the prettiest, but it turns out I got them done just in time, since I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat and runny nose. I have to say, it's no fun feeling under the weather when you can't even call in sick!

image from www.flickr.com
There has also been much knitting this past month, but I can only give you a sneak peek of a few projects, and I will have to tell you more later. I am finally testing my design chops, and the first photo is something I am working on that I hope to finish up and write up soon! I might need a test knitter or two, so let me know if you are interested! 

  image from www.flickr.com

So, I could use a little help. I really want to build Hey Lucy into a great site and have it be something useful, and then eventually to accept sponsors. I should probably do a formal survey, but in the meantime, I want to know what you think makes a good blog, what makes you come back every day? Tutorials? Original patterns? Links to cool stuff elsewhere? More photos of Winston? 😉 Fashion, design, crafts? One more than the other, or all three? Do you want to know about iPhone apps? Do you like to have lots to read, or just look at lots of photos? Please share! Either in the comments, or via email, if you want to keep it private (lucy (at) heylucy (dot) net). It would be most appreciated!

Here's to a fun new year!

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some things that will be finished soon

I'm having kind of a good time finishing some things that were started a long time ago. Here are just a few: 


A long ago thrift store find, this little display shelf was dusty, dark wood. I think it still needs one more coat of glossy paint, I just had some flat spray paint, but I love it so much more in white. It's nice to have a place to showcase some tiny treasures that I love. 


A simple appliqué quilt I started long, long ago. I finished sewing the three big flowers and their stems, so now I just need to get some batting, figure out the backing, quilt, and bind the whole thing. I love the saturated colors of these batik fabrics. I know they're maybe not so modern and hip, but I don't care. I'll probably hand quilt it with lots more of the same bright colors. 

HemIt's nice and chilly in the evening, so I've picked up the knitting needles again! This is the Tea Leaves cardigan (Ravelry link) I started in March, and that is the bottom edge, just about ready to be cast off. Then I'll just have to do the sleeves and the button band, and I'll have a new sweater for this autumn!

There are a couple more projects in the works, and all this suits my ADD style just fine. I've also managed to hem my living room drapes, which have been hanging there un-hemmed for longer than I'd like to admit. There's also another porch project that I hope to finish this weekend that I think is going to be very cute. 


Luckily, Winston keeps me company in my little house studio as I work on all these projects. It really must be fall, his summer haircut is growing out quite nicely! 

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lovely snow

It snowed yesterday, and I knitted and baked and watched Love, Actually. It was just perfect.

The video features a brief cameo appearance from Winston and Bear.

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chicken thieves

Hey, hi! Remember me? I know, I know, it's been awhile. So. I mentioned this in passing on twitter, but in case you missed it, someone climbed over our fence last weekend and stole eleven of my chickens. Why would someone do something so terrible? I've been completely heartbroken over the whole thing, and not sleeping too much, worried that they'll be back for the remaining six. Those six, by the way, seem pretty traumatized by the whole thing themselves. They stopped laying completely for a few days. In fact I've only found four eggs the last couple days. Of my six newer chicks, they took four. One of the two has lost all her friends and wanders around the yard alone most of the time. I hope the thieves just fell on hard times and really wanted some laying hens so they could have eggs to eat, but I know the chances are slim that any of them are still alive. I feel sick just typing that. In the meantime, I've put a padlock on the chicken coop, and they get locked up tight every night now. The dogs were unusually agitated for several nights in a row, and I think the robbers may have come one night to case the joint, and then dogs may have chased them away before they could get all the chickens. We reported it to the sheriff, but I don't expect much will come from that.

Anyway, I haven't felt too creative lately, as you might imagine. I did have to make a couple quilt blocks for a co-worker who is having a baby. Several other co-workers organized a friendship quilt-a-long, which is so great! I got a square of blue gingham, which I cut up to piece together this little house block.


It's not too exciting, but cute enough I think.

I've also been writing app reviews for an iPhone blog called Appmodo. So far, mostly just games, but I hope to get to try out all sorts of different apps eventually. I want to work on building a portfolio of my writing, so this will be a good addition. Plus, free apps for me! Of course, I've been using all my writing mojo up, and haven't had any leftover for my own little blog. I'm starting to get more into the swing of it, though, so I should be back here regularly now.

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dog number 3

We got a new dog this weekend. His name is Winston. We traded in the old model for the sleek newly re-designed model.


Okay, we don’t actually have three dogs, Winston just got a haircut. Look at that skinny little tail! He’s still recovering from the trauma, but I think he feels a lot better. I know he’s not as hot as he was before with all that fur, because he slept next to me almost the whole night. I think he might even be a little chilly. The poor little guy had so many stickers from the weeds in our yard stuck in his belly, and he was starting to get some mats in his fur that I couldn’t comb through. I think I spent hours this past week pulling out the stickers and trying to brush out the knots. I finally had to admit defeat, and take him in for a shave. Bear didn’t recognize him when we first got out of the car last night. I think he’s still not too sure who the strange new dog is.

I decided to take a break from the garden this weekend, since I’m currently frustrated by the two (out of four) dead tomato plants, two dead peppers and two dead zucchini plants. I mean, come on, anyone can grow zucchini, they’re practically weeds. Apparently I can’t grow them. I’m not sure what is going on. Something has been digging around in my raised bed, and the dead plants look as if they’ve been sprayed with something. They’re not even next to each other. It’s too weird. I am taking measures, however, to try and protect everything else. I bought some rue and coleus, which are repellent to cats, and I’ve got some garlic to plant, which should repel gophers and other rodents. I’m not giving up, although my dreams of canning tomatoes and making zucchini pickles may have to wait until next Summer.

In happier news, I got a little treat in the mail last week! Miss Cara Lou made me a cup cozy, and appropriately, it says “All Mine”, so that means I don’t have to share, right? Do you see that Mr. HeyLucy?! He always thinks my food is better than his and wants to try it out. Here it is being modeled by a lovely cup of peppermint tea:

Since I boycotted the garden this weekend I did some knitting and sewing instead. There’s a new niece arriving soon, and I may not have a quilt ready right when she arrives, but I did manage to get some  booties done. They’re obnoxiously bright, but I like them anyway. I just used some leftover cotton yarn I had laying around.


And I’m nearly finished with the kimono from Weekend Sewing. I’ll show you the whole thing when it’s done. It’s a quick little project, just like the booties, so I highly recommend either or both if you need a special baby gift in a hurry.



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