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We got a new dog this weekend. His name is Winston. We traded in the old model for the sleek newly re-designed model.


Okay, we don’t actually have three dogs, Winston just got a haircut. Look at that skinny little tail! He’s still recovering from the trauma, but I think he feels a lot better. I know he’s not as hot as he was before with all that fur, because he slept next to me almost the whole night. I think he might even be a little chilly. The poor little guy had so many stickers from the weeds in our yard stuck in his belly, and he was starting to get some mats in his fur that I couldn’t comb through. I think I spent hours this past week pulling out the stickers and trying to brush out the knots. I finally had to admit defeat, and take him in for a shave. Bear didn’t recognize him when we first got out of the car last night. I think he’s still not too sure who the strange new dog is.

I decided to take a break from the garden this weekend, since I’m currently frustrated by the two (out of four) dead tomato plants, two dead peppers and two dead zucchini plants. I mean, come on, anyone can grow zucchini, they’re practically weeds. Apparently I can’t grow them. I’m not sure what is going on. Something has been digging around in my raised bed, and the dead plants look as if they’ve been sprayed with something. They’re not even next to each other. It’s too weird. I am taking measures, however, to try and protect everything else. I bought some rue and coleus, which are repellent to cats, and I’ve got some garlic to plant, which should repel gophers and other rodents. I’m not giving up, although my dreams of canning tomatoes and making zucchini pickles may have to wait until next Summer.

In happier news, I got a little treat in the mail last week! Miss Cara Lou made me a cup cozy, and appropriately, it says “All Mine”, so that means I don’t have to share, right? Do you see that Mr. HeyLucy?! He always thinks my food is better than his and wants to try it out. Here it is being modeled by a lovely cup of peppermint tea:

Since I boycotted the garden this weekend I did some knitting and sewing instead. There’s a new niece arriving soon, and I may not have a quilt ready right when she arrives, but I did manage to get some  booties done. They’re obnoxiously bright, but I like them anyway. I just used some leftover cotton yarn I had laying around.


And I’m nearly finished with the kimono from Weekend Sewing. I’ll show you the whole thing when it’s done. It’s a quick little project, just like the booties, so I highly recommend either or both if you need a special baby gift in a hurry.




  1. I’m so sad that something is eating up your garden.:-(
    I think you’re new little neice is going to love the booties, even if they are obnoxiously bright.:-) I think they’re cute, too.

  2. I love how dogs fur feels like velour when its recently shawn. Lucky Winston to have a fresh haircut for summer. I love the boottees and I don’t think they’re too bright. They just right for a funky baby…

  3. The colours are enough to pique my interest. Oh, such loveliness. And Winston! Well he looks like a totally different boy. Isn’t it funny how they become so self conscious after a trim?
    Still a gorgeous boy, though. (You know my love for him can never be diminished?)
    Lisa 😉

  4. Your dog is adorable as are the booties. Sorry about your garden, that’s pure frustration. I have been neglecting mine too much…it’s too hot to weed!

  5. Oh sure, post pictures of your nice garden, just when mine is shriveling up. I figured out that FROST is killing my plants. I was up early this morning, and there's frost on the roofs and the ground. It's June freaking 22. There should not be frost. I thought it seemed a little chilly the last few days, but I wasn't outside until 7:30 or 8:00 and it's warmed up by then. That still doesn't explain the digging, but I think my natural repellents will solve that problem.

  6. Winston looks stunning, and I wish I had some booties in pink and green! How darling.

  7. I wonder what’s got into your garden? That sounds so strange. It’s so discouraging isn’t it?? I have a deer problem this year for the first year ever.
    Your doggie looks so soft and traumatized…lol. I LOVE that cozy ‘All Mine’ I wannnnttttoonnnneeeeee.
    Nice post today. Put a smile on my face! Thanks!!

  8. Just stumbled over to your blog from, dang it! oh, from somewhere. I’m smitten reading about your chickens and your bees and your crafts. I’ve always wanted to keep bees but right now my city house won’t accomodate. one day. xo, suzy

  9. It must be going around – the boys finished shearing sheep and decided to shave our Great Pyrenees. She was a mess of matted hair and undercoat so I guess it needed to be done but she looks absurd! I hardly recongnize the poor thing.
    Love the baby projects!

  10. What wonderful goodies!! I love it all. 🙂

  11. oh my goodness. darling, soft, cashmere doggie, and lovely items. you made all that in a weekend! are you sure that was peppermint tea and not red bull? 😉 very cute stuff!

  12. Winston!! He is adorable. Poor lad.. Give him a hug from me and tell him how handsome he looks! Just wanted to thank you so very much for your kind thoughts about Ramie. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. The cup holder is adorable…so is the story.

  13. The booties and kimono are so cute! I would be thrilled to receive such a gift! Thank you for posting the bootie pattern…I am in need of a baby girl gift and I’m going to see if I can do that project (not sure if my knitting skills are up to it).

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