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I'm having kind of a good time finishing some things that were started a long time ago. Here are just a few: 


A long ago thrift store find, this little display shelf was dusty, dark wood. I think it still needs one more coat of glossy paint, I just had some flat spray paint, but I love it so much more in white. It's nice to have a place to showcase some tiny treasures that I love. 


A simple appliqué quilt I started long, long ago. I finished sewing the three big flowers and their stems, so now I just need to get some batting, figure out the backing, quilt, and bind the whole thing. I love the saturated colors of these batik fabrics. I know they're maybe not so modern and hip, but I don't care. I'll probably hand quilt it with lots more of the same bright colors. 

HemIt's nice and chilly in the evening, so I've picked up the knitting needles again! This is the Tea Leaves cardigan (Ravelry link) I started in March, and that is the bottom edge, just about ready to be cast off. Then I'll just have to do the sleeves and the button band, and I'll have a new sweater for this autumn!

There are a couple more projects in the works, and all this suits my ADD style just fine. I've also managed to hem my living room drapes, which have been hanging there un-hemmed for longer than I'd like to admit. There's also another porch project that I hope to finish this weekend that I think is going to be very cute. 


Luckily, Winston keeps me company in my little house studio as I work on all these projects. It really must be fall, his summer haircut is growing out quite nicely! 


  1. Winston looks just like I do when I’m overdue for a trim! 😉

  2. Is Winston an Old English Sheedog? I came upon your blog through The Yvestown Blog and have loved reading all about you and your crafty projects!! The reason I ask about Winston is that I have an OES named Gideon (you can stop by my blog; here is the URL that takes you to Gideon-related posts —
    (And even if Winston is not an OES, he’s doggone adorable!!!!)
    The Gahan Girls

  3. My embedded URL didn’t link up right ’cause it included the end parens and period!!!!
    Here is my blog ( and you can look in the right nav for the Categories and find Gideon!

  4. Oh my! Gideon is so adorable! 
    Winston was a rescue dog, and no one can agree on what he is. He is definitely a herding dog, and I suspect is some kind of mix between Bearded Collie and OES. He's small for an Old English at just about 50 pounds, and he still has his tail (aren't OES's usually docked?). We previously had a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, so we are used to that sweet herder personality, and Winston is no exception. 
    I've just skimmed through a few Gideon posts, and Winston acts a lot the same, he even has a beat up, flat soccer ball that he plays with out in the yard :o) He even lays down the same way, and if I am sitting down or in bed, he wants to be right there, in my personal space. When I'm busy in the house or in the yard, he finds the most comfortable spot he can find, where he can still see me, and lays quietly and watches just in case something fun happens! Does Gideon do that too? 
    I just adore Winston, he's the best dog I've ever known. It was a lucky day for both of us when I went to Petco for cat food, and they had an adoption event out front :o) 

  5. Hi there, Winston! Aren’t you the sweetest and cutest canine ever? You inspired her to create beautiful skirts, socks, sweaters and quilts. You’re so cuddly too! You are lucky to spend days with her. It’s amazing how dogs just make you feel sincerely happy, no?

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