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Posted by on November 27, 2009 in knit | 6 comments

Despite the temptation to cast on right that very minute, I did not start my hat with the too-small ball of yarn from my stash. I did, however, go out the very next day to get enough yarn to make it. 

Despite all the cables, it was a pretty quick knit, and I think I will make a couple more, actually using stash yarn. This is the Habitat pattern from the always elegant Brooklyn Tweed. The yarn is Berroco Jasper, a nice, soft, squishy merino wool.

I'm making a few knitted gifts this Christmas, and the hat is one, so I'm making good progress. It's been awhile since I've knit anything, but I've realized that I enjoy knitting much more in the winter. So, knitting season is here, and I am embracing it. 

Gift number two was coming along nicely, until I realized that it was much too small for the intended recipient, but it's cute, so maybe a niece will be getting a pair of squirrel mittens too, and I'll have to try again with heavier yarn and bigger needles. 


I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I spent a quiet day, puttering, knitting, sewing and cooking. It was actually very nice. We're taking dinner to my mother-in-laws house today, and then I will have the rest of the weekend to recover from her. I used to try having a good attitude when visiting her, hoping it would rub off, but it never worked, so I think I am going to try having a bad attitude this time, and see what happens. Do you think it will work? 

I really like this hat.  



  1. Happy Thanksgiving HeyLucy! I like the hat too! I had a mother-in-law from hell once. Holidays were the pits! Good luck with any attitude – good or bad or insane (just suggesting).

  2. Nice work. I crochet and wish I had someone close by to teach me to knit.

  3. If only we didn't live on opposite ends of the country! I love teaching people to knit and I really need someone to teach me to crochet. I've struggled through a few decorative edges, and even started a ripple blanket, but I've never made a granny square, not even a small one. 

  4. Love the lovely knits! So, did the opposite happen with the MIL?? lol

  5. I love this knit hat! I have recently started learning how to knit…I figured out how to cast on, knit and pearl. ha ha. All by watching youtube videos he he. Someday I hope to be able to knit something as beautiful as this!!!

  6. I fully support trying the opposite if your original attempt doesn’t pan out and it doesn’t put anyone in mortal danger. How’d it go?

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