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Clotheslines While I’m on my Four Week sabbatical an item at the top of my to-do list is to install a clothesline. I didn’t realize however that I would be doing something so revolutionary. I’m glad I’ll be saving the planet and thumbing my nose at all those homeowners associations (I refuse to live in a tract home with a homeowners association anyway, because I just don’t want someone telling me what color I can paint my house and that I have to mow my lawn). Really, though, I just like to be outside and I’m a total cheapskate, so a clothesline seems like a nice idea. I would like to address one item in that article, however. How on earth do you have an $1,120 electric bill?! I get really peeved when ours goes up over a hundred dollars in the middle of summer when the husband insists on running the air conditioner day and night. That’s great that the author thinks she’s making a difference in the world by hanging up her clothes, but I really want to know what they have plugged in to use that much energy? She’s quite proud of the fact that they then reduced their bill to a mere 500-something dollars. Still, what the heck are you running when you pay that kind of utility bill? Also, do you really think Al Gore is out there hanging up his laundry on the clothesline? I’d love to see a picture of that.


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  1. Wow. Who knew that clothes lines could be so picturesque?

  2. What wonderful pictures of washing lines and washing. I love them. In fact I am feeling rather inspired by them and have an idea brewing.
    Thank you so much
    Cherry xx

  3. I don’t think that you can beat the smell of laundry dried on the washing line, but by the same token you can’t really beat the fluffiness of towels dried in the tumbler.

  4. I just found your blog and I am loving it. As for high electric bills. Our bill runs around 500. every summer. It stays in the 100’s here for days at a time and the air conditioner has to work hard. I don’t have a clothesline but I think I just might buy one. I love the smell of sheets hung outside to dry.

  5. Love clotheslines. We have one. You can be eccentric along with our family. With our clothes lines and chickens and abhorring tract housing!

  6. Hi Marne! Read the same article and was wondering about the same as you. I had to go re-check our bills to figure out whether we were totally frugal or just totally deprived. I figured that we must be totally deprived by their standards but not by ours.
    Clotheslines are especially telling, aren’t they? In Europe they are the best. Where my clothesline is, noone sees it a bit. I can put anything on it. But would I have the nerve to hang my undies? I’m not sure. They sure don’t care across the pond.

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