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I’m a homebody. I like to plan my weekends so I leave the house as little as possible. But I do love music, and even homebodies have to have some fun out on the town once in a while. So I stayed out late on a school night this week:
I was paying for it the next day, but it was oh so worth it. My friend Naz invited me along. I’m really more of an indie/alternative rock kind of person, with a little blues and bluegrass thrown in. I thought he might be a little too ‘pop’ for me, but he just rocked the house. And see how we’re on row 8? There was no row 8, we were on the floor, general admission, so you better believe we were right there against the railing. The yellow bit is my wristband. There was even a cover of The Pixie’s ‘Where is my Mind’, which was totally awesome. Okay, enough geeking out for me for one post.

Etsy is back up and running, and all my new goodies are added to my shop, with more to come, hopefully in the next few weeks. So go do a little Christmas shopping. Even if you don’t buy from me, handmade gifts are always good.

I also found out that Cary‘s song will be in the November 30th episode of Men in Trees. You’ll probably be watching Grey’s Anatomy, so just leave the TV on the same channel when it’s over and watch it!

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  1. I am a homebody, too, so I’m right there with you, but sounds like you had fun. I think you and I were cut from the same cloth!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Amber 🙂

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