Weekend Knitting

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I was very excited to finish the star on the baby sweater, and looked at the directions to see what the next step was. I was supposed to continue knitting in st st until the front measured 9.5 cm from the beginning of the armhole. So I carefully measured and surprisingly, it was already at 11 cm from the beginning of the armhole. I re-read the directions carefully, thinking that I must have really messed something up, but it said very clearly to start working the chart after 10 rows of stockinette, which put the star an inch too high. Hmmph. I think I should have started working the chart immediately after finishing the ribbing. I couldn’t see anyway around it, so instead of posting a brilliant picture of my finished front, you will just have to imagine a little pile of blue yarn, looking forlorn and sad. I couldn’t face it again this weekend, so I moved on to another project:
It’s the Farmer’s Market Bag from Weekend Knitting. Instead of an intarsia knit star in tiny cotton yarn, I’m doing a fair isle patterned-bag in thick wool. It’s my first attempt at felting, I’m using Lamb’s Pride Worsted, and doubling it. By the time I was done with this little bit my hands were all dry and rough and I think I’m getting a callous between my right pinkie and ring fingers from the yarn rubbing. Is that normal? Or am I just weird?

I think I might be a little weird. The other day the husband and I were driving somewhere and I had a sneezing attack. He looked over at my arms and asked, “Why do you have goose bumps?” “Because I was sneezing, duh!”. I thought everyone got goose bumps when they sneezed. Apparently not. Interesting.

Also, for a very bad picture of my finished First Sweater Ever, click here.
It’s not really a flattering sweater (did I mention that before? I don’t remember), and it’s enormous, but it’s comfy and snuggly, so I’m happy with it. I imagine I’ll be wearing it a lot on cold winter nights when I get home from work and throw on a pair of sweats and thick socks and have no one to impress.


  1. OH MY!!! You’re colors totally beat mine! The project does a number on my hands too, so I don’t work on it much, and have only gotten through the pattern about 1 1/3 times, so I’ve still got a bit to go! I’m gonna knit up a swatch before i felt this bad boy tho, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

  2. Oh, if only I understood an ounce of kitting terms…But, I understand the poor unfortunate pile of baby blue yarn….Should there be some scolding for not reading the directions here?*;)

  3. But Carrie, your colors are great fall colors, and mine are more spring/summer-y. If this works out, I may have to make a fall bag too :o)
    And pt, I’ve ripped many times because I didn’t read the directions carefully and when I first measured I thought I screwed up yet again, but this one is all pattern error! aargh! it said knit 10 rows (which is about an inch) but then the star was too high and I know I followed the chart exactly. silly pattern proof-readers didn’t do a good job :o( ah well, it’s a learning experience. But I’m still not ready to re-knit it. I’m taking a break :o) It’s a 6-12 month size and the baby isn’t even a month old, so I’ve still got a little time, I hope. He better not grow too fast!

  4. Ah so! It wasn’t your fault, at all! Still, no matter (worse that it’s the patterns fault!!!), right, because the result is in a pile! Make sure to mark your corrections so in case you decide to knit the sweater for another dear baby the same mistake is not repeated!
    It will be a treat to see the completed sweater!

  5. I will definitely note the changes in the pattern. I was thinking that maybe I knit the front too loosely and that contributed the to longer length. Who knows. I’ll be ready to work on it again in a few days, when I’m done with my bag :o).

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