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Number one: I'm pretty sure rhubarb season is just about over, but I've made this rhubarb compote twice, swapping vanilla for the orange liquer, and it was delicious and super easy.


My favorite way to enjoy it is like this: 


With a some Greek yogurt and granola. I was eating for breakfast, but it was such a treat, I've started having it for dessert.

Number two: I've been trying to drink more water and less diet coke. But plain water is boring, so I've been making lots of iced herbal teas. I funnel it into this pretty bottle, and take it to work. In no time at all I can drink the whole 750 ml. I had a little Monin raspberry syrup in the cupboard, and added a tiny bit to some ginger tea. Another nice combination was ginger tea with lemon and mint. 


Number three: I tend to have insomnia, and now that the sun is coming up even earlier, it's a struggle to sleep past 5 or 6 o'clock. I have never, ever been a morning person, but I've decided to let my insomnia work for me. Instead of tossing and turning I've just been getting up and puttering around the house. Of course this means I have to work on going to bed earlier. I've managed to be in bed before 11, but I need to work up to 10 0'clock. I'm slowly getting some serious spring cleaning done in these early morning hours.

 So far I've managed to transplant some herbs one morning, cleaned and organized my shelf of spices (more on that later) and my shelf of baking items, and made a dent in a pile of ironing. All before work!  


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  1. WOW!! All that work is impressive. Come clean my house!

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