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I was totally not kidding about this. It seems that sock knitting is my go-to stress reliever. I really did knit three pairs (well, two and a half pair). But I feel much better now, and my sock drawer is on it's way to being awesome. My feet are going to be so warm next winter. Note: I didn't shave my legs for this photo shoot, so I would advise against viewing the large versions of these photos.

I started with a Phloem sock (Ravelry link). I can't say anything bad about the pattern and I love the design, but the giant chart was not my favorite thing. So I knit one and then took a break before doing the second. That second sock didn't have to wait long, however, since I really did like the design. It is even prettier in solid colors, but I was using what I had and I've had this Yarn Chef yarn kicking around for a long time. I love the colors and I've been wanting to use it forever. It was a pleasure to knit.

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This was my mid-Phloem break: another pair of Waving Lace socks.

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I love everything about this pattern: the scalloped cuff, the easy to memorize lace pattern, the slip-stitch heel, and the wedge toe. They knit up so fast and the end result is so pretty.

With all this sock knitting going on, I started to feel a little guilty about some long-abandoned projects, so I dug this plain vanilla sock out of the drawer and got started on it's mate. I don't usually develop severe SSS (second-sock syndrome), but something happened with this one. It was so long ago, I don't remember why I never started the second sock, but I think I might have put it away in a fit of frustration. I know I knit that first sock when I was fairly new to sock knitting, and I wasn't following any particular pattern. Something must have happened, however, because that toe is all weird and funky (the sock on the right). And then I ran out of yarn, so the second toe is also (obviously) weird and funky. I just used a different stripey yarn to finish. It's not like I haven't done that before. It's not like I will be wearing them with sandels, so no one else is likely to see my weird sock toes.

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I also didn't write down what I did on the first pair, so the second is full of educated guesses. They match well enough, and I am just counting on the busy yarn to disguise most of the differences. I learned some important sock lessons, though, and added another pair of warm, wool socks to my drawer, so it's all good.

For a few weeks there I really did little more than knit socks, but I snapped out of my funk eventually and worked on some other fun projects. I'll tell you all about them in the coming weeks. I also really do want to continue the Sewing Class posts. I'm so sorry to leave you all hanging. I don't think there were tons of people following along, but I know there were a few, and to those I sincerely apologize! I haven't forgotten and we will get those skirts made, even if it takes the whole summer!


  1. where is the “like” button? lol nice. I haven’t tried socks yet. đŸ™‚

  2. I added a like button just for you đŸ™‚
    Socks are so fun, and they are small and portable. They don't take too long, and a skein or two of sock yarn is cheaper than buying a sweater's worth. And handknit wool socks are one of life's little luxuries, I think.

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