things I like about Summer

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Some of the best things about summer: lavender, roses and sunflowers. There’s not much else, except weeds in our yard at the moment, but I am focusing on the positive :o)

I thought this was a really sweet entry on my dad’s blog. It made me tear up a little.

I’m still working on the bookbinding post(s). I think part one may be up this evening. Unless I decide to re-do the entire thing.

Edwin says Hello blog readers! What do you have for me to eat? I want to nibble on your toes.


  1. Edwin is just adorable!

  2. Eek!
    Edwin wants a piece ‘o me, I can see it in his beady little eyes!
    ::runs away::

  3. Edwin is so cute! I might even let him nibble my toes!
    Well, maybe not. But he is cute!

  4. Loved the basket with roses and lavender and even the YELLOW sunflower!!

  5. Hydrangeas! Why don’t you have any? We just planted 3 bushes this week and I love that they bloom throughout the summer. The blue and purple ones are my favorites, but I also discovered and bought a different variety that is white and more delicate looking. Maybe you don’t like them? We also planted 5 lavender plants and wisteria. And a rosemallow. Oh, I’m getting into gardening…
    Edwin seems very personable. Hope he makes frequent appearances in the future.:-)

  6. Edwin you can nibble my toes anytime!

  7. Edwin is so handsome!

  8. I think Edwin would be scared of my toes! I need a pedicure for sure.

  9. I think Edwin and I would get along just dandy! Growin’ in my garden: random sunflowers, some 4 o’clocks, a few sweet peas, and some honeysuckle. Oh, and of course 3 butterfly bush. In the veggie garden, baskets full of tomatoes of every sort and size. I went a bit overboard at the nursery this spring and my cup runneth over!!!

  10. Hey! Where are ya???

  11. Yeah, how come you haven’t updated lately?

  12. hi!
    Your little guy is getting big! i want a little duck, or goose! ha he is so sweet!
    julie 🙂

  13. listen Edwin, I’m a lot bigger than I was the last time a goose messed with me, I will not hesitate to kick you in that giant beak of yours so don’t even think about it.

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