the best package ever in the history of packages

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Yvonne and I now have an annual Christmas swap tradition. This is our second year, and I love that we do this. It started out just being about magazines, since I can supply her with her Martha fix, and she can send me beautiful European magazines that I can’t get here, like this one.

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But now we add all kinds of treats, and how amazing are all these good things? Sometimes it’s spooky how much she gets my taste, and we’ve never even met in real life. First of all, egg cups! I didn’t even think that I must have some egg cups ready for when the chickens start laying, but that is just brilliant, and of course they are the prettiest egg cups ever.

Then she made me all these nice things that I actually really need, like a needlebook. I’ve been wanting to make myself a needlebook forever, and just haven’t gotten to it. I have all my packages of needles in a plastic bag. This is so much more efficient and elegant. And she also made a knitting needle roll, and I think that is even some very special Cath Kidston fabric, which I just love. Especially with those red knitting needles in there. There’s even a matching drawstring bag full of treats like stroopwafels (oh how I love stropwafels!) and kruidnoten and some other sugary treats. She even included Cath Kidston tissues, not that I’ll ever be able to blow my nose with them, they’re so cute. Of course I just love the fuzzy pink stocking too! The little blueberries are just the cutest!

I can’t thank Yvonne enough, and like she said to me in a recent e-mail, this is a damn fine tradition! :o) I look forward to many more years of Christmas goodiness!


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous package of goodies! Lucky you. I love the egg cups.

  2. You almost made me cry. What a beautiful post. I just loved working on these items for you so much. Secretly knowing you’d love them. Thanks, thanks, thanks for such a sweet post. All the fabrics are Cath Kidston and the egg cups are vintage Laura Ashley. My mum bought them many years ago in a factory outlet, I think at least 50 and my father had a go at her for buying 50 of the same egg cups. Over the years they’ve been going here and there. So when I saw your “chucks” I thought you could use them 🙂

  3. Lucky you! Been reading your blog for a little while now – lovely! What a lovely surprise for you to have a beautiful parcel like that delivered to you. Happy Christmas!

  4. Oh, what a lovely gift! I like Yvonne’s story about her mum buying 50 of the same eggcups, lol.

  5. What a lovely tradition and how lucky you are to have found each other. It’s amazing the friendship and bond that can form between 2 people that have never actually met. Merry Christmas to you both!

  6. You are a most lucky gal!!!!!

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