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Our house is turned upside down right now. There is a big plastic garbage can in the living room, along with cans of paint, two very large medicine chests and various bits of hardware. On the porch we have a couple bathtubs, one old, one new, a toilet, a sink and a big stack of tile. The bathroom door is off it’s hinges and leaning against the hallway wall. In the bedroom, all the shoes are in a mountainous pile rather than neatly lined up in the closet because the contractor had to cut a hole in the closet wall for an access panel. The cats love going through the hole to play with the little plastic spacers used by the tile guy. The kitchen has remained mostly unscathed, except of the box of toiletries on the table. To deal with the chaos I’ve started working on a small quilt, hand applique-ing circles to a bit of white linen. It’s very soothing, as I sit in my chair, peering over the stacks of stuff on the floor to watch the television. And there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. The tile guy will be done by the end of the week, and the plumber is scheduled to install all the fixtures on Monday. Tuesday, Spanky’s will be coming to take their lovely port-a-potty back, and I will be taking a very long, hot, bubble bath.


  1. Que bonito. Espero las fotos de tu bano nuevo. Saludos de Peru.

  2. Nice way to deal with the situation. I think I’ll try something creative to offset the daily work stress.

  3. S said she is waiting to see photos of the finished bathroom! Me too!! How is the tree? or lack thereof?

  4. How you must be looking forward to that long hot bubble bath.

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