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Thank you all for the best advice ever. How could I not order the shoes after 14 comments telling me to get them. And I even took my mom’s advice and thought long and hard about whether I would be able to wear them for a long time or if they would go out of style too quickly to be worth the price. BUT, since they aren’t really trendy, just unique, I thought I’d be able to wear them for years and years. Alas, there has been a tragic outcome to this footwear fairytale:


Dear Camper’s size 41 does not equal size 11. Not even a small 11. I don’t think it’s actually more than a 10. A small 10 at that.

I was able to squeeze my feet in there for the 52 seconds it took to take this photo, but there’s no way I’ll be able to wear these puppies. It’s so sad. So, it’s back to the store they go. I guess I’m going sandal shopping instead. And I really do need some sandals. I’ll fill you all in on the adorable sandals I’m sure I’ll find, because despite this shoe tragedy, I’m still an optomist.

Mr. HeyLucy even thought the shoes were cute, and brought me tulips to cheer me up (okay, not really. He did bring me tulips, but they had nothing to do with the shoes, they were just on sale at the grocery store, and he knows I love them).


Next time, here at Hey Lucy, there will be knitting! and sewing! But for now, I leave you with a picture of Winston, who will be getting a haircut this week. The poor little guy seems to get hot quite easily. At least I think that’s why he jumps in the geese’s water dish and gets his feet wet, and then runs through the dirt so they’re good and muddy, and then doesn’t understand when I get mad at him for jumping on the bed.


I was trying to take a picture of that big white iris you see in the upper right corner, but someone kept getting in the way. 


  1. We DEFINITELY need a before and after of Winston’s haircut!

  2. good ole Winston…..just like a spoiled self-centered child. But hs is so cute all is forgiven! Sorry about the shoes….I’ve been shoe shopping and there is nothing in beige or pearlized in B, Idaho

  3. I’m very sorry to hear about the mal-fitting shoes. I honestly know how you feel.
    The photo of the tulips is brilliant!

  4. Oh how sad! I hate it when I fall in love with a pair of shoes and they don’t fit right. But at least you have a really cute picture of your feet in them to remember them by, right?

  5. What charming shoes! Such a pity this story does not end happily…but tomorrow will always bring another pair.

  6. I love the ow, ow, ow by your shoes. Way to go Mr. HeyLucy on the tulips.

  7. I am sorry the shoes won’t fit. I know you really liked them. I have that problem because my feet are wide. So many cute shoes just kill my feet. As uncool as it may be I would rather be comfortable then fashionable.
    Mr. Hey Lucy sounds like a real keeper. Lucky you!
    God bless.

  8. I just came across your blog and so happy I did. It is a definite haven for a dog loving, gardener/knitter. Your pictures of the dog are wonderfully candid.
    Sorry to hear about the trouble you had with the rescue, but he is obviously in the right place now.
    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  9. Good for you to not keep ill-fitting shoes. I might have just to display them!

  10. Shame about the shoes!!

  11. The shoes are real cute, how bad they don’t fit. But, on the other hand, how practical are off-white shoes… I’d rather go for darker ones.
    All the best for the hair-cutting, looking forward to the knitting and sewing!

  12. Too bad about the shoes. I’m surprised that Nordstrom told you a 41 would fit. I wear US 10s and need the 41s. By the way, don’t you think it is as silly to have different shoe sizes in different countries as it is needle sizes? Why can’t we all just pick one measurement system and use it?

  13. I’m glad you ordered them, had them ON your feet, and decided, no. At least you won’t spend the rest of the season wondering….WHY didn’t i just order those shoes!?!
    I have my own shoe catastrophe happening at this end. I bought some outrageously expensive AND UGLY, I mean, people stop and stare ugly, training shoes, and my husband said, “well, if you are going to wear them, keep them.”
    They are so ugly, I cannot post. I’m frozen by the ugliness.
    We’ll see if I get any results, Then I’ll be posting like a mad woman!

  14. I saw your photo with the campers… the size 42 is not even a true 11. camper’s sizing is WAY off for some reason. they use to fit fine but they changed the manufacturing company and now… they no fit my footsies. 🙁 so sad because they are all so cute!

  15. Hi…This is Katie from Hazel’s Vintage Pretties…I feel your pain on the shoes!! I also wear a size 11…Actually, one of my feet is a size 10, and the other one grew to a 10.5 when I was preggers with my daughter, so I usually end up with a size 11…Many shoes that claim to be a size 11 are nowhere near that size!! Very frustrating…I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this morning, and I’m adding you to my list of blogs to visit…Take care, Katie (PS I just did a bedroom makeover, in case you’d like to stop by my blog and see the post)

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