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I have some thank you's to share. First of all, I mentioned in passing that I won a pair of earrings from Pamela Susan, but I wanted to show you how pretty they are. She had a little contest to find a good name for them and was inspired by my suggestion of Rain to call them Falling Rain. It's a good thing it was a rainy day that day! Pictures are from her website:


You can even get yourself a pair right here. I love the simplicity of them and have worn them often since they arrived.


Another thank you to lovely blog reader Maili, who sent me the sweetest little glass flowers for my birthday. I think my nutcracker doll (who is not yet named, poor thing) has taken quite a liking to them, don't they look sweet together? Thank you Maili!


Things may be a little quiet here for awhile, I think I may have some posts that are more photos than words. I am busy, busy, busy right now. First with the arrival of these little peepers.


There are two Rhode Island Reds, two Araucanas, and two Barred Rocks, all of which we already have in our little flock and are really nice breeds. I also ordered a couple Cuckoo Maran hens, which I haven't had before, but they are back ordered and so may not arrive for another week. They are a French breed, known for laying the very darkest brown eggs, so I'm quite excited to add them to the flock.


And something else is coming next Saturday, can you guess from this picture of one of the tools I will be needing?



  1. If this is what I think it is, Pooh Bear will be very excited . . .

  2. I love the babies, and a buzz buzz is what I hear.

  3. Bees!! You are my kind of gal! We had bees when I was young. The chicks are too much fun. Chickens are on my list of must haves–just waiting for a permanent residence. 🙂 Araucanas lay the green eggs, right?
    I’m so happy you are enjoying your earrings…I’m happy they went to such a lovely person.

  4. The chicks are adorable! I want them all! 🙂 I also love those earrings you won- I have to go look on her site. Um, I have no idea what that oil-looking type can has to do with bees? Is it a smoker type thing for them? If it is bees, you rock- another cool food producer to have- I love honey, I am afraid of the swarming bees picture in my mind, but I do love honey. There is a lady down the road from me that has hives and sells her “local honey”, it’s good stuff. Is that you in the photo with the earrings on? If it is, love your hair wavy like that, but is it you- is your hair that long now?

  5. Yes, the Araucanas lay the prettiest eggs! My Araucana that’s laying right now lays eggs that are the prettiest pale turquoise. I’ve read that personality wise they can be a little more skittish and stand-offish, but I haven’t seen that in mine. One of the Araucana chicks is so cute, she’s a bold little thing, and when I hold her she scampers right up my arm and sits on my shoulder, playing with my hair and earrings. You’ll love having chickens!

  6. Yep, it’s the smoker! The beekeeper bringing them to me says he has a nice calm hive, and he’s re-queened it with a Carniolan queen. That breed is known for it’s calmness and gentleness, so I’m not too worried.
    It’s not me in the photo, but I’ve always wanted wavy hair like that :o) I started swimming again when the pool re-opened last month, so the hair has to stay shorter for now-that chlorine really makes a mess of it!

  7. We won’t be getting new chicks until next year but we will certainly be getting Araucanas- I’ve had them before and didn’t find them standoffish at all. The one we had in our first flock would follow me everywhere in the garden. But they are really forward gals. Our feed store this year had some type of hen that lays eggs almost as dark as the Maran. I want at least one of those too.

  8. OOOh, bees, that’s exciting. My late fil was a beekeeper, I wanted to keep the tradition going but the husband was not of the same mind. ; )
    Love the little chicks, looks like some pics I took a few weeks ago, ours are now the gangly, silly looking stage. That french breed sounds really cool!

  9. Fun!
    Love the earrings…the chickees are the cutest! I want to have chickens again but I don’t want to feed them 🙂 (my kids are growing up and going away, and I just have a thing about HAVING to do things outside in the cold…I’m a wimp that way). Maybe I can convince my youngest to do it 🙂
    And we are getting new bees soon too! My husband doesn’t mind getting stung one bit, but actually they get used to you and don’t sting. Beekeeping is getting to be quite the thing! Our hive from last year froze 🙁
    Your pictures are lovely as always!

  10. Hey I just got chicks too!

  11. Were they Welsummers?
    BTW, I love your new Stitch and Boots blog! I’m excited to read about all the topics you’re covering!

  12. They’re so funny at that in-between stage, they hardly resemble chickens at all :o)

  13. Thank you Leila! I’m looking forward to reading about your bees. I was stung a few times as a child and swelled up horribly, so there was talk that I was allergic, but I never had breathing problems, so I don’t think I’m actually allergic. I don’t get nervous about getting stung, and love watching the bees in our garden up close.
    I think you’re right, it is becoming quite the thing. Or maybe it’s like when you get a new car and suddenly you notice that everyone has that same car :o) The spouses of two of my cousins (one in Utah, one in Alaska) also got bees this year. I don’t think there can be too many bees.

  14. What kind? Aren’t they just the cutest things? Congratulations!

  15. Okay, clue me in, what is the item in the picture?
    Did the glass flowers come in intact? Had enough packaging. Glad you like them.

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