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One of the projects not on my list is to make a little moss terrarium in a big jar I got at Ikea. I think that will be my weekend project this Saturday. Terrariums satisfy my love of miniatures and glass jars and moss all at once. I especially love the ones above with the little mushrooms and tiny houses. I think I will need to put something like that in my terrarium too. It also means that I will be going on a little hike to collect some local moss, that should be fun! This is the best time of year to head up the trail just up the road from our house.

I'm also starting to scheme and plan the curtains-over-the-bookcases project. I really love the Good Folks fabric line from Anna Maria Horner, and I'm seriously considering using a combination of these two pretty patterns:


I really love a lot of the new fabric designers, but when faced with actually buying their fabric I sort of freeze up. I have several problems. Number one: I just can't decide which I like best in any given group. What if I buy one print and then I get it home and realize that I actually really like a different one or a different colorway better. Number two: I don't feel like I can really make things for my shop out of them, because they are so well known that whatever design I come up with will never be quite worthy enough, and the item will only be purchased because of the fabric designer. Does that make sense? Like my design will be overshadowed by the fabulous-ness of the fabric. Or if I were to make a quilt all out of one line of fabric, it's not really very original of me. I'm just babbling, I don't know if I'm even making any sense. Anyway, what do you think of the above fabric choices? The curtains would be mostly the floral, with a deep hem of the geometric fabric at the bottom (like 18" or so). Or maybe I should go with a different fabric from that line…see how hard it is to commit!?


  1. Hello. I have not been by for awhile – I began work FULL TIME this year, and am just getting into the groove of it.
    I love the terrariums. Please post what yours looks like.
    I am making terrariums with my class on Monday. We recently visited a rainforest on a camp, and are going to recreate a mini environment in bottles.
    I know what you mean about the fabric dilemma. It is too hard to choose!!

  2. I think the bottom pattern would work WONDERFUL as curtains!!! I’ve seen that fabric, but didn’t realize it looked like THAT! Why do on-line stores only post little snippets of stuff?!
    That would make great pillows too. Or you could make curtains out of one and pillows out of the other. So much fun!!!

  3. I’ve been on a terrarium making frenzy! They are so much fun. My mom asked what I was going to do with them all and I told her I was thinking about making floor to ceiling shelves and using the terrariums to tell a life story. Just to see how bad it would creep her out. lol.

  4. Regarding the fabric, you could always design your own… Spoonflower prints up fabric. But even if you didn’t, I don’t think that the fabric would overshadow what you make with it. You’re stuff is too lovely for that! I have a make-up bag that while it uses some cute Amy Butler fabric, I really bought it for the way the bag was made up. If you’re doing stuff like your pincushion and needlebook set, I highly doubt that it’s going to be bought based on the merit of the design on the fabric.
    end rambliness. 🙂

  5. I love, love, love terrariums. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! You can have some of my moss, I actually have to scrape some of it off my roof this weekend (fun!). I was thinking of trying to propagate it in my shade garden, but now you have me inspired to do a terrarium.

  6. Ack. Two things I’m obsessed with right now — terrariums and that Anna Maria Horner fabric. The terrariums are on my project list (please share any tips you have after making yours!) and my next reward for meeting a weight loss goal is to buy lots of that Good Folks fabric. I love is so much.
    I think the two fabrics you picked would make lovely curtains!

  7. I love her fabric too! I know what you mean in regards to the beautiful fabric out there- I search and search and then I just can’t make the decision. I bought a bunch to make a quilt and I haven’t been able to force myself to cut any of it. I just bought some fabric yesterday to make a cute dress for my daughter, now I am staring at it wondering if I will make a mess of it. Crazy, I know! I think I am going to start with the quilt first. I just want to start cutting into squares and matching it all up. I should do it and get on with it! The terrariums are dreamy!

  8. Lola (5) got a fairy terrarium for Christmas. It of course has a fairy, and little bells that hang from the top, little plants, moss, etc. We painted some tiny rocks to throw in there also. Alas, it did not come with mushrooms, so we might have to wait for the tutorial! Awfully cute. I think that since yours is sealed, it won’t stink unless you were to leave it open.
    I think this would be an awesome gift for mother’s day for my preschoolers to make.

  9. glad to see i’m not the only one obsessing over terrariums. been wanting to make one since last summer, i think this weekend is the one!

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