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Posted by on January 12, 2007 in farm | 8 comments

It’s always good to come home. I’ve been back since late Monday night, but have been busy catching up at work and at home. Next week will be all about catching up on blogs and comments, I think! I love getting comments so much, so if I haven’t responded to your comment in the last couple weeks, you’ll be hearing from me soon, I am definitely not ignoring you!

I went to bed last night to a light, sprinkling rain, and woke up to a few inches of snow. The picture above is my little town. Click it to see a really big version. That’s pretty much the whole town right there. Sometimes it feels like stepping back in time when I come home.

This is chicken alley. You can’t see it, but our shed is to the right (the bikes are leaning against it), and there is a short wall on the left, so the chickens hang out there a lot because it’s sheltered from the weather. We had some pretty high winds last week, and Mr. Lucy told me that one of the Barred Rocks had ventured out of the alley onto the driveway where she was caught in a gust of wind and went feet over tail, just like a tumbleweed. And then she went back into the chicken coop. I guess she didn’t like the wind too much. In this picture, several of them are running to me, hoping for a treat. Too bad I just have my camera, they already had plenty of treats today!

In another wind and animal story, there were also some very large gusts that blew a chunk of shingles and the top of our chimney off the roof. Our insurance company sent someone out the other night to tarp the roof, knowing that we had a storm coming in. The contractor put a big, black, plastic bag over the chimney pipe. Yesterday morning when I let the dogs out, Bear was looking at the roof and barking suspiciously. I think he thought the plastic bag was a person standing on the roof. It’s good to know that we are safe from suspicious plastic bags.

So it’s a new year, and I’m not making resolutions, exactly, but I do have plans to take better care this year. I’m going to take better care of myself and my home and of course, Mr. Lucy, who is going to be eating more vegetables this year, whether he wants to or not. Happily, I have a three day weekend, so there will be much cooking of aforementioned vegetables, as well as some serious cleaning and clearing out of the house.

Oh, and you can read more about how I rang in the new year here. There may be video of me behind the microphone, but I plan on doing every thing in my power to insure that it does not see the light of day. All in all though, it was a crazy fun time. Although why does silly string take less than 5 minutes to spray out of the can, and 5 hours to clean up?


  1. Glad to hear about your plans for the new year! Your Bear sounds a lot like my parents’ terrier, Kate – she protects our family from the Radio Flyer wagon that my parents use for hauling around plants. She will *seriously* spend all her energy barking at it when she’s in the backyard . . . I think its a sign of love (and silliness!).

  2. 5 hours to clean up? Holy smokes, I am never going near that stuff.

  3. Wow looks like you have a winter wonderland there. Goodluck with the veggies for Mr Lucy!

  4. Deep fried veges are pretty yummy, Mr. Lucy! 😉

  5. I’m glad you got some snow down there, even if it puts you guys in a state of emergency:-). We just got a bunch more snow last week and over the weekend. Sorry you just barely missed it:-(

  6. Oh yeah…my chooks are BIG on treats! They see me comin’ and they’d have liked to bowl me over…come running at me like bats outta hell! Sorry chickies…just gonna clean out your hen house!!!

  7. That snow looks gorgeous. It’s just damp and grey here in London. I would love a bit of snow. Glad you had a lovely break and feel ready for the year ahead. I love your idea to make Mr Lucy eat more vegetables. I should follow that one with my boyfriend who is also rather reluctant on the vegetable front!

  8. Beautiful snow! Your little town looks a bit like our little town. Agua Dulce is itty bitty and I LOVE it!

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