Sweater #2

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I finished sweater #2:
It’s soft and cuddly, although I realized after buying the yarn that maybe Cashmerino isn’t the most practical for a baby sweater. There were no written washing instructions on the label, just those little symbols. Does anyone know what those symbols really mean? I know they’re supposed to be international and all, but it’s not like it’s common knowledge. Thank goodness for the internet.

Is anyone watching Colonial House? I’m finding it fascinating, although some of the people can be irritating. Why did the atheist couple want to participate? It’s 1628 people, and the colonies are ruled by religious law. You have to go to church! Of course today it would be ludicrous to demand that people go to church, but they’re re-enacting the 17th Century, they had to know going in that women had no rights, everyone was religious, and you had to wear a scarlet letter for things like profanity or immodesty. That’s great that they want to make their statements (not just that particular couple, several people have rebelled in different ways), but I tuned in to see what it was like in 1628, not 2004. So quit being whiny babies and suck it up! Anyway, it’s really interesting, and I’m sure they’ll be re-running the first four hours throughout this week before they show the last four next week.

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  1. awhhhhh! I just love baby knitting. So cute!

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