Sunshine Yellow

Posted by on May 29, 2008 in knit, stitch | 16 comments

I said there would be sewing and knitting again on this little blog, and so, here you go! I’ve had this fabric for quite a while, it was an eBay find, and it’s old and I’m pretty sure it was originally intended for pillowcases. Doesn’t that just look like a pillowcase border?


And while it would, in fact make very charming pillowcases, I don’t currently have a room decorated in yellow and lavender in need of pillowcases. What else could I do? I had to make a skirt. So I just cut off a bit to use for the waistband, sewed a seam at the back with an invisible zipper, pleated it up, and stitched it to the waistband. Easy-peasy!


I did want to mention that I’m feeling pretty brave with this picture. I appreciate all the comments about the 20 pounds lost, but as you can see, I still have quite a ways to go. Not that I’m belittling those 20 (now 22!) pounds, I’m darn proud of myself for accomplishing that kind of weight loss, especially since I’m doing it in a healthy way, and very slowly, but it’s just the beginning, and I’m working on getting rid of another 40 pounds by the end of the year.

Oh, and I also had to mention, the long-sleeved t-shirt? In the exact same shade of yellow? I found it at Old Navy this past weekend for $1.99! And I also found a green one for $5, and the two together perfectly match my completed Lace Ribbon Scarf.


This was a fun scarf to knit, until the last third. At that point it seemed to stop getting longer, and the ball of remaining yarn stopped getting smaller, and the knitting just went on and on and I got irritated and then made a series of mistakes which required unknitting several rows. Of course it did end eventually, and I rather like it. Even though it’s wool, it’s rather light-weight, and perfect for this crazy Spring weather we’re having. I was so looking forward to this past long weekend, but it was cold and grey and rainy the whole time. Of course Tuesday morning, when I had to go back to work, was all bright and blue-sky-ed and lovely, which put me in a very cranky mood. We’re almost to the next weekend, and I’m still bugged about the whole thing.

I better add something cheery to end with. This is my dog Winston, who likes to snuggle. He gets in bed with me every morning around 5:00, and then doesn’t want to get up when I decide it’s time to get up. He won’t budge and I have to physically push him out of bed. Silly boy! Doesn’t he look comfortable?


He doesn’t have his Summer haircut yet, because of the yucky weather. I just can’t let it go.


  1. What a lovely post! Congrats on the weight loss (even more so for going about it responsibly)!
    I love the scarf. How many skeins of Lorna’s did you use?

  2. Perfect! your skirt is so pretty. I love the little yellow clock in your header too 🙂
    thank you for the comment

  3. I love that skirt! You look pretty darn slim to me in that photo.

  4. I don’t know what I like more – that skirt or Winston. LOVE them both! And I swear that dog is smiling. Probably thinking about pig’s ears or chasing squirrels. It’s gotta be something good!
    And also? You look tiny in that picture. Where are you planning on GETTING those 40 pounds you want to lose?! 22 pounds already is AWESOME! Way to go!

  5. whoa momma! 40 MORE pounds? You’ll blow away! loving that skirt. loving the layered t shirts. so hip!
    Is that dog actually smiling and winking at me, or am I just really tired from dragging my heavy ugly, yet amazingly back and shin saving shoes around all day.

  6. Congratulations! But if you lose 40 more pounds there will be nothing left!!!
    I’m SO glad Winston has such a nice home! What a lucky boy!

  7. Congrats on the weight loss — that is a big accomplishment. I love your beautiful skirt! And that scarf is in my queue but I am worried about it taking forever to knit. I love that picture of Winston. He looks so cuddly!

  8. Where you were hiding this alleged 40lbs? It must have been hiding behind the door because I couldn’t see it.
    Love the skirt, the scarf and sleepy Winston!

  9. I’m looking for that extra 40 and I’m not seeing it.

  10. You look like you stepped out of a anthropologie! I love it! Winston is darling too!

  11. Tee hee, Winston totally looks like he’s smiling in that picture! And congrats on your poundage loss, and for doing it the healthy way!! I love the skirt and the scarf, but you know what I love best? That in the picture of your skirt, it looks like the motif in your door matches the motif in your fabric border!!

  12. I second Nicole – you look perfect already and so does your outfit!! I really love the yellow and green and the skirt and that cardigan. I only wish I could loose weight by cutting down meal sizes but I unfortunately have to burn fat by exercise :o(

  13. I had to tell you that in addition to my hideous ugly huge black and blue sneakers, I just ordered the “fit flop” which claims to do the same thing (cheaper) and (cooler, as in temperature) certainly not in “hey those are some cool shoes! where did you get them?”
    When they arrive I’ll alert you to my post! I got
    SILVER! ooooh. You can see them on
    the bath and body works website.

  14. I love your skirt so much that I’m trying to decide right now which one of the rooms in my house will be redecorated in lavender and yellow! Why have I never thought of those colours together before?

  15. That skirt is super cute. I love old border prints.

  16. I love your skirt! Do you follow any premade design patterns or do you do everything by your head? If you do have design patterns, can you email me them as I so want to give this a go!
    And Winston? CUTEST DOG EVER.
    My two dogs had their summer cuts about a month ago and despite my worry that all cuteness would be lost, their coats are now growing out wonderfully. They could be models.

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