Summer Vacation

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Hi, I’m back and I’m still alive. I took a little summer vacation from my blog. Only it wasn’t really a vacation, I was way too busy and wasn’t really getting a lot of knitting done, or anything else creative, for that matter. So what have I been doing on my summer vacation? A few things, but first I have to say this:

THANK YOU SECRET PAL! I hope you got my email, because for some reason my email isn’t working and I only just realized this a few days ago, and haven’t had time to figure out what the problem is. But I will eventually, and if anyone needs to reach me in the meantime, please use the comments, and I’ll check them every day!

Well, I got a little package from my secret pal a couple weeks ago, and here’s what was in it:

First of all, I bought a tin of that Blue Sky Alpaca’s hand balm earlier this year, and I love it so much, but I had taken to hoarding it, because my LYS didn’t have any more and I was going to be sad when it was gone, but now I have a whole new tin! Perfect! And I have been wanting something cute and fun for the enormous dashboard on my cute and fun car, and she goes and sends me a little sheep bobble head! I stuck it there with a little museum wax, and now when the traffic has me down I have a little sheep to make me smile (along with that gigantic pink peony that you see a bit of in the corner of the picture).

I did do a tiny bit of knitting. I made a hat:


I will probably be giving it to someone, but I won’t name any names, because I don’t want anyone to be jealous. It’s from the Mission Falls Just Kidding book, and I used 1824 wool. The patterns are all for kids, but this is the third hat I’ve made and they all seem a little large for kids. I might make another one for myself, but in red or another bright, fun color. You can also see from this picture that I got my hair cut last week. It’s a cute haircut, and I like it a lot.

I also finished my other sock, but I didn’t take a picture because it looks just like the one below.

I also took Mr. Lucy to a concert:



That’s right, I was hanging out with the rednecks and cowboys at the Toby Keith Throw Down Tour, which is not something I would normally do, but it was a lot of fun. Rednecks really know how to party. Mr. Lucy has a crush on Terri Clark, who was the opening act. He’s taken me to lots of concerts that I wanted to go to, so it was his turn, for a change. I felt a little silly in the parking lot after the show in my VW Beetle, surrounded by Big Ford Trucks.


  1. does my page look weird to anyone else? is something wrong with typepad? huh.

  2. It DID, now it’s ok though… πŸ™‚

  3. oh! heh. and I’m SO GLAD you liked the stuff I sent!!! πŸ™‚ I got your email, and I tried to reply, but it bounced back! It was hard to part with the sheep πŸ˜‰

  4. But the sheep is so happy in my car. She likes riding with me, and even bobs her head with the music I listen to. I think she likes it :o).
    Email is still not working, hopefully I’ll figure it out soon.

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