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A local adult education program has a spinning class starting tonight and for the next 5 Wednesdays! And the fee is only $22! I so want to go, but I pinched something in my upper back, and I’m not sure if I’ll make it. I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon in the hopes that I’ll get some good drugs, because right now this sucks. The pain is shooting up my neck and down my right arm and I can’t really get comfortable or accomplish much. Blech.


  1. Good luck on getting to your spinning class! If your back/neck isn’t bothering you too much, you should try and go anyways. You know first classes are generally a lot of blah blah blah, but usually useful blah blah blah (!). And $22 is a serious bargain — score!

  2. Thanks! It’s not so much the pain that will prevent me from going, but the logistics. I’m at work, which is 50 miles from home. So work is point A, spinning class is at point B, my doctor’s appointment is at point D and the pharmacy, where I hope to go to get some good drugs after the dr. visit is back at point C. Home is all the way at point E. The problem is that Reggie the dog is in the house and the husband is out of town, so I’ve got to get home by 5:00 or so to let him out or we may have a problem. And then I’ll have to get all the way back to point B (about 30 miles from point E) for the Spinning class. Darnit.
    BTW, I’m still envious of your loom purchase.

  3. The hazards of hanging curtains 😉 feel better!

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