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First of all, I’m so excited that my internet friend Yvonne (which is how I refer to her to my real life friends, who think it’s a bit weird that I exchange gifts and magazines and important things like pop-tarts and jus mix with someone I’ve never even met) is featured this month in a beautiful spread in this magazine. If you live under a rock and have never visited Yvestown, you should go there right now and see all the beautiful eye-candy on her blog. Gefeliciteerd Yvonne!

Lrlamp Okay, now I could use some decorating advice. I recently bought this lamp at an antique mall, and I need to get a shade for it. I’d could use some opinions from you very tasteful and talented readers. I’m thinking a nice big drum shade would be cute, but should I go with white? natural linen? I was even thinking maybe yellow, but where would I find something like that? Would I have to make it myself? The lamp sits on a table between two wing chairs that will soon be slipcovered in natural linen, and the curtains that will eventually cover the windows behind them will be white and this green fabric which I got for $5/yard. The walls will eventually be painted a very pale periwinkle blue and the settle you may have seen before is covered with this fabric and has throw pillows out of this fabric as well as the orange cushion I made and a yellow cushion I made from a couple vintage placemats. I want the room to be very cheery, light Delphiniumsand fresh, sort of like this. I have my own inspiration photo of delphiniums. I really need to get all my ideas together in one spot. Now that the wallpaper is stripped, and I’m in the process of selling my piano, which takes up a lot of space in the room, I’m nearly ready to finally finish this room.

Now the second request for advice: I also got this awesome birdcage at the antique mall. I want to use it in the living room as well, but I’m not sure yet just what to do with it. Should I paint it? If so, Birdcageshould I go dark or white or a color, like turquoise or yellow? Should I leave it as is or decorate it somehow? I love what Heather has done with this birdcage, but I don’t know if I could get the same effect with silk flowers of which I’m not really a fan. I just don’t know.

Thanks in advance for anything you can come up with. And just because he’s so darn cute, I’ll leavePeteylamp you with a picture of Petey, who must be involved in whatever I’m doing, and couldn’t manage to stay out of the frame when I was trying to take pictures of the lamp.   


  1. I absolutely adore that lamp! It will look so fabulous no matter what you decide to do to it. I think a plain white or yellow shade would look fabulous given the other colors you are using and the look you are trying to achieve. Try for shades. Do you have an IKEA or Home Goods near you? Those are two other great, inexpensive options. If you find a shade you like but isn’t the right color, you could always paint it or cover it in fabric. I love the birdcage. I was inspired by Heather’s as well. Mine is indoors as well, I painted a terra cotta pot and put a flowering plant inside mine. Then I made a little collage to hang from the top – much like Heather did with her’s. Good luck!

  2. Absolutely unable to give any advice here because both those items are just so gorgeous that my mind refuses to function. Crazy huh.

  3. I LOVE that lamp! Maybe something that looks burlap-y? I’m biased though – I love rustic, old-looking burlap! lol

  4. Hi, I just happened upon your blog when bumbling around blogland. I don’t think I have visited before? Anyways, Love your viintage purchases! That lamp! Love it! And I think your drum shade idea is great, that straight lines of the drum shape would be a great contrast with the detail on the lamp. I could totally see a white or maybe cream drum shade and than you could hot glue a trim maybe ? in green to match the leaves just around the bottom and top of the drum shade? Uh, oh…I hope I’m not just carrying on like a total goof, especially since you don’t know me. 🙂 Or, I’ve made verticle stripes on a drum shade before with glued on velvet ribbon. I say velvet bc otherwise you see through it too much when the lamp is on, and just put glue on the tippy top and the bottom otherwise you may see that as well when the lamp is on. How great would yellow and white stripes look!?
    I love that birdcage! I’ve been looking for a cool one forever! I want to hang one from the ceiling by a chain like a pendant lamp and wire a light bulb into it. Perhaps that is goofy but in my minds eye I think it could look great.
    Ok, enough of my rambling! Ciao!
    PS I recently saw white drum shades at Target! 🙂

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