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I have nothing interesting to show today, so I’ll share some new stash additions:


I’m thinking three summer skirts  or maybe one will become an apron. The yellow was an ebay score, 2 yards only $5, and it’s already hemmed! Plus a little Amy Butler print and Giant Pink Poppies! What’s not to love?

I’m a day late, but here is a self portrait. Me in one of my natural environments-my car, where I spend a couple hours every day:


I think I shall title it "Getting on the Freeway". Sorry about the view up my nose.

Here are some things to see today since I am not so interesting: my little sister is planning her wedding and like mine was, it’s all very DIY, she has some pretty stuff made and planned. The Home on the Range apron gallery is up, and there are some beautiful aprons, so don’t miss it! Hillary has a lovely new design. I like it! But I don’t know if her name has one ‘l’ or two. Sorry! My brother is playing in San Diego this weekend! Saturday at a big party a friend and I planned-100 guests! And then Sunday night at Twiggs. Please come to the show if you’re in San Diego, it would be so fun to meet some SD bloggers! I think it’s free to get in, and it looks like a nice little coffeehouse, although I’ve not been there yet myself. This looks interesting. I’ve created an account, and may give it a try later this month. Has anyone bought or sold there yet?

And in closing today, an action shot of Bear with another of his big sticks:


The camera, however was not set to ‘action mode’.


  1. I like the self-portrait. I don’t think the shot up the nose is too overwhelming. It’s pretty artsy.
    Also impressed with your multi-talented dog. Between the peeing, mechanics, and big-stick-carrying, he must constantly be busy.:-)

  2. Not to mention the lizard hunting, bird chasing and sticking his nose down squirrel holes. To clarify, however, he was not the dog that peed, he was the tattle tale that woke me up to let me know that the other dog had peed.

  3. Oh, fabric. How I love it.

  4. I agree with sijbrich on the artsy nose shot, also you look beautiful. I just found your blog thanks to sijbrich. I’ve had a ball, thanks for the laughs.

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