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I can barely type. I’m at work and Mr. Lucy just called from home. He has 15 minutes to gather whatever belongings he can grab and evacuate. There is a lot of smoke. There is a fire somewhere to the west, moving fast. There are planes dropping water. There are firetrucks on the road behind our house. Please don’t let it burn down.

UPDATE: Watching the news here. Things seem a bit more optimistic, the Fire Department has been very aggressively fighting this fire, about 6 planes and 2 helicopters are dropping fire retardent. Evacuations are voluntary, so that is also a good sign. My stomach has un-clenched a tiny bit.


  1. Oh man – we’ve been watching the fires! Be well – be careful – be safe! I’m thinking and hoping and praying for everyone and everything!

  2. Hope everything will be fine… please take care.

  3. OMG, I hope they get it under control. I’m no stranger to bush fires living in Australia. Just remember your life is worth more than a house…stay safe!

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