seriously, project runway?

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Why was Kenley not auf’d? Why? I’m really not liking her and her attitude. How can a person be rude to Tim? It’s just wrong.

And seriously this:

Was way worse than this:

That’s all I can say about this right now. The final three better be Leann, Korto and Jerrell. Please discuss :o)


  1. From the very first season, I was under the impression that the judges selected by challenges, not by past precedence. I am thinking that the judges considered her ’50s designs from previous challenges. I didn’t like either of the two above, but Suede didn’t do a horrific job. Leann’s pants were terribly made. Next weeks should be interesting.

  2. I think the judges don’t like boring, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t know about Kenley’s rudeness to Tim. But all in all I’d say the producers kept Kenley.

  3. I was WAY pissed that Kenley didn’t get Auf’d. This girl is rude and bratty. She laughs on the runway and makes fun of Tim… Heck No Tech No!
    It is like Jr High all over again!
    Jaime will miss Suede!

  4. I’ve been ready for Kenley to go for some time but…BUT…her comment in the preview for next week was fantastic. “I wasn’t going for elegant, Heidi” was priceless. She’s truly a sore, sore loser.
    Oh. And who doesn’t know what Hip-Hop looks like, even in the basic forms?

  5. I hate Kenley. She is such a brat. She definitely should have gone last night. I think they just kept her for the drama! If she is one of the final three I am going to have to take a sledgehammer to something!

  6. Ok, I have to start watching this again- sounds like it is getting all stirred up. Um, both those outfits were seriously bad…. Loved the comments.

  7. I can not understand why Kenley is not gone, I have been trying to be patient with her because she is young but she is coming off like a twit. She was very cute though in her Popstar ensemble though. But I will be very disappointed if she gets to Bryant Park, I really don’t want to see a whole line of her fashions on the runway.
    I miss Blayne, Stella and Terry!

  8. Kenley has caused me to hate 50’s and 40’s style dresses — which is quite sad — because I used to love them and it is only based on my total repulsion towards her.

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