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I have been a tiny bit obsessed with scarves lately, so this will be the first in a series of posts about the scarves I’ve been making. I finished a knitted one, experimented with a wrap and some elastic for another, and am raiding my vintage lace and eyelet for yet another. I have some more ideas I want to try out soon, too. I’m going to start with the easiest one of all, however. If you’re in need of a really, really quick project with maximum satisfaction, this is a scarf you have to make. I take no credit for this idea, I saw it here, where you can even order a kit, although for about the same price you can buy your own fabric and have enough for two scarves. The key is to use Kaffe Fassatt’s shot cotton. That link has really good photos, and you can see the two colors blended in each swatch.


They’re just really lovely, the depth of color makes the fabric look almost like silk. I chose two blues, as you can see. All you have to do is get a yard of each of two colors (you could even use one of the stripes or plaids if you want to go a little more crazy), cut them in half lengthwise and sew one half of each together along a short end. I pressed the seam open and stitched again to hold the seam allowance in place. Then toss it in the washer, dry it, give it a light pressing and trim off the long, ravely bits and throw it around your neck!


Winston came by to participate in my photo shoot. He was asked to leave when he started trying to lick the subject’s face.


Another shot of the fabric because I just love it. I will probably keep pulling out threads along the edges as I wear it to get more of a fringe-y effect.

And now, to change the subject completely, a friend gave me these beautiful red and white egg cups and ceramic egg tray for Christmas, and I was playing around with them yesterday.


My sister-in-law gave me the red chicken egg cup a while ago, and they are all so happy together! They’re all from Anthropologie. When my friend handed me the bag I didn’t even have to open it, I just told her I loved it right away. We went to Anthropologie while I was in Boise, and that store is just like the mothership to me. I may have splurged on a new bag, which, coincidentally, goes nicely with my new scarf!

Today I decided that my New Year’s Resolution is to clean the microwave and the cubbyhole where it resides. I hope I can get it done by December. It’s a somewhat frightening task in its enormity.


  1. You’ve been tagged! Come see!

  2. I love the depth of color in that shot cotton- your scarf looks so pretty with that shirt too. I will have to give those a go, my daughter keeps “borrowing” my scarves and I haven’t seen any of them return to my closet… Also, the purse form Anthropologie is really nice and what an awesome price (especially for them). I was there before Christmas and am afraid to go back- I love that store. Funny, I always check out the sgg tray and think if I just had some of my own chickens how useful it would be.

  3. Looks great on you!Thank you for sharing this. I love wearing scarves and since I can’t find cotton ones to my liking and price, I have bought some lovely fabric scraps to make one. But, being a novice, didn’t know where to start. I hope to make one soon and show you the results!

  4. Being the anti-fashion maven that I am, I can only say that your scarf is cool. I like it. And, I like your self-portraits.

  5. oh! I LOVE that scarf. I have to pop in my local quilt shop this weekend to see if they have the Kaffe Fasset fabric.

  6. great scarf. I MUST get myself to an Anthropologie… do you think I can justify the trans atlantic flight etc to visit one shop? Why haven’t they got a store in London?

  7. I love your scarf! I have been wanting to make one lately (although in the middle of summer here it seems like a crazy idea!).

  8. I am a confessed scarf addict! I’ve only knit one and a half (the half is a work in progress) and have an idea for making one from homespun. This is a great idea and your finished piece is terrific! I may just have to dig in my fabric pile to make one for myself!

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