roasted apricot tart

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You might want to make this very soon. And be sure to get some vanilla ice cream to have with it. 

Here's the story: I basically used this recipe (scroll down for the English version). I actually used the shortbread crust recipe from The Joy of Cooking, which I used for the jar pies I made at Christmas. It's pretty similar, just with the ingredients halved and the addition of a little lemon zest. I think the original crust would have been too thick in my tart dish, so choose which recipe to use based on the size of your dish. I only had cherry and blueberry preserves, but lots of fresh apricots, so I made a little fresh jam by cooking down some peeled, chopped apricots, with a little brown sugar (because I like that brown sugar flavor), and a dash of vanilla. Once it was cooked down I dissolved a little cornstarch in some water and added that to thicken it. The recipe doesn't mention putting the tart back in the oven once you arrange the apricot halves, but since it's called a Roasted Apricot Tart, that's what I did. It took a good 25-30 minutes for the apricots to cook through and get a little soft. The apricots aren't peeled, so if you have pre-made jam, this is a pretty quick and easy recipe. It was about as good as you would think, which is to say Holy Cow that is one tasty tart! I will be making it again, and soon. Next up, I think I may need to try this recipe


  1. Beautiful! I will definitely have to try this! I just saw an apricot recipe on tv the other day for an upside-down cake so I have had apricots on the brain.

  2. I could not even wait to read your post about this beautiful apricot loveliness. I had to jump right down to the comment section and tell you how gorgeous your photo is. Okay, now I can calm down and read the post, and hopefully make this very soon. It looks mouth-watering. –Robin

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