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Happy New Year! I know, we’re already a week and a half in. I was lucky enough to ring in the new year with my sister and Mr. P, who we’re in town last week. It’s always fun to be a tourist in your home town once in a while. I’ll have a seperate post with all the touristy things we did. There are lots of pictures of pandas and fish, since we went to the zoo and Sea World.

Now that I’m recovered from that little adventure, I’ve been busy, busy, busy. So, it’s time for a little catch up I think. I have a few projects in the works, and lots has been happening. First of all, there was the Third Annual Christmas Swap with Yvonne, who made me the cutest apron. It was just meant for hook number two. I wore it the day we cooked a turkey while my sister was here. It’s so very perfect, I love the little pleats on the bottom, and it’s super long, it went below my knees, which is quite a feat for my 6 foot tall self.
One day I will take a picture of myself while wearing it. Which brings me to the New Year’s Resolutions section of this post. Historically, I’m not a huge fan of making resolutions. I did, however, make some progress last year on my plan to take better care of myself. I made a few changes to my diet, and without realizing it, lost a few pounds. So now I’m more motivated than ever to make even more healthy changes. I checked this book out of the library, and am finding it very helpful. It’s not a ‘diet’ book, exactly, and there are no eating plans or suggested foods, it’s more about changing the way you think about food and eating. So far it’s helped me stay very motivated, and I’ve already lost nearly 4 pounds this week. There are several exercises you do, so of course I needed a special book for writing down and completing those exercises, so I made myself a couple pamphlets along with a special paper folder to protect them. I used more of that lovely Amy Butler paper. I love how they are all double sided and coordinate so nicely.

I also recently added to my bento box collection, and I’ve been filling this little box with vegetables to dip in hummus for an afternoon snack.
I love the quirky translations.

And the biggest news of all:
Sally laid her first egg yesterday. I’m not sure if we’ll be brave enough to eat it.


  1. When you get up the courage, let us know how the egg tastes! We found a friend here that has chickens and we’re buying our first dozen eggs from her tomorrow. We’re both very excited. I’m sure Mr. P is going to cook something good Saturday morning.:-)

  2. Hi again.
    I am not one for making NY resolutions either, but this is the year I am going to exercise a little more, and ‘be healthy’.
    I love the Amy Butler paper you used. I just posted about Amy Butler products last week.
    Our hens have just started to lay, and it took me over a week to actually use one of the eggs!

  3. Nicely done, Sally!

  4. Well done Sally!

  5. What kind of hummus do you have?
    I’ve got some garlic stuff and it’s really really difficult to swallow.

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