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Have you joined Ravelry yet? If you knit, I would highly suggest joining. They’re still beta-testing, so you may actually have to just get in line and wait for your invitation. I think it took a few weeks before I got mine. If you do join, or are already there, I’d love it if you add me to your friends, and I’ll add you back. I’m just getting started, but boy oh boy, this is one handy website. You can enter all the projects you’re working on, keep track of patterns you’d like to make, your yarn stash and needles, join groups and knit-alongs, and all sorts of handy things. The only downside? This could be dangerous for my yarn budget. I’ve already added a pretty stole pattern to my queue, and I’m not even done adding all the projects I’ve actually finished or already have in progress.

A lot of my enthusiasm for Ravelry right now also has a lot to do with the change of seasons. I just knit a lot more when it gets cold out, so I’ll have lots of pictures of knitted things for the next few months.

Blog business: I’ve been slowly cleaning things up around here. I decided to move all my links, except for family members, to their own page. You can click over there on the right if you’d like to have a look at some other excellent blogs. I’m nowhere near finished, I think it’s going to be a pretty darn long list, eventually. I’m also still fiddling around with colors, so my apologies for the clashing colors at the moment. I’m just doing a little here and there, as I have time.

This is quite a boring blog post, so I’ll end by sharing some CJ3 videos from recent shows. Go buy a CD if you like what you hear :o)


  1. Your ravelry profile picture is so cute!
    Good music!

  2. I’m adding you! First I have to find you…

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