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I have many things that I would like to talk about, but I’m too busy sniffling with the worst allergies I’ve had in several years. What the heck is blooming that is doing this to me? I don’t like it one bit. I get no sleep because I can’t breathe. I even went to to the doctor for the first time in nearly two years, and he gave me a prescription for Zyrtec, which seems to have made my taste buds non-functioning. The sole purpose of this entire paragraph is just to illustrate how grumpy I am right now, was I successful? Also, thanks for all the shorts love, I really like to respond to comments as much as possible, but I just haven’t had it in me to deal with e-mail either. I’ll get to it eventually, so please don’t think I’m being rude and ignoring all the nice comments and good advice about the blue birdcage.

So, this is just a quick drive-by post to discuss Project Runway (and to let you know that I am grumpy and sniffly and tired. And my eyes itch. And I have comments to reply to.). How about that Leann? Yes, I called it way back in the beginning. She is definitely my favorite. Her last two designs have been really great, I thought.

I don’t think this picture does her design justice, but I thought it was really pretty. I loved Korto’s look too:


Too bad about Stella, although she was kind of on borrowed time, anyway. It was a close call between her and Joe this week, but his drag queen outfit was so good a couple weeks ago, I think that may have helped him stick around to see another week.

Who do you think will make the final three? I’m going to go with Leann, Korto and maybe Terri? Discuss please.


  1. I like Leann, Korto, and Joe because their designs have been completely new and different. As Jerell said, Terri has 4 patterns. The outfit she designed for DVF was very similar to her design for the Olympics. The only one week that she was different was for the Drag Queens. I think she plays it too safe. I want to say that Jerell has some great ideas too. Depending on how they do next week, I think Suede may be on his way out–unless he has another deceased relative give him fashion design tips.

  2. I haven’t been able to keep up that closely, but from what I have seen, I really like Leann. I really really did not like Daniel, though.

  3. Leann! I love the outfits she wears even more than the ones she makes for the show. Korto is fanastic too. And I’m kind of rooting for Mr. Tan.

  4. Ha Ha Rosa! Yes, I think Suede’s only hope is another visit from a family ghost. I did like his grandfather’s idea for the little lettuces, though :o)
    And Natalie, totally agree with you about Daniel. He started strong with the cup dress, but then he had such a whiny, entitled attitude. I was glad to see him go.
    I haven’t really loved any of Mr. Tan’s designs, but I don’t hate him as much as I did at the beginning. He’s said some pretty funny stuff too, and there hasn’t been as much of the girlicious stuff the last couple episode, thank goodness!

  5. I think Jerell might be a contender, but Leann is the only one with a distinct and original point of view. And she’s so sweet – aaww!

  6. you are so funny. I love the “discuss please” at the end. Project Runway is one of my faves, and I have NOT watched it at all this season. I’m hoping for a marathon that I can DVR and watch all at once.
    I’m hoping that when they move to Lifestyle it won’t change too much.

  7. Kenley is definately my favorite, I love her old hollywood style. Korto is also great, as for the 3rd I’m not sure, Joe is usally really good, but I also like that Jarrell’s fashions are always unique.

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