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Sometimes I just don’t feel like talking. Am I the only one who gets like that? I’ve been busy busy busy the last few weeks, and I’m always happy when I have something to share here, but I just didn’t have it in me to actually type an entry. It’s not that I’ve been particularly down or anything, I was just feeling quiet, I guess. I was just looking at the pictures on my camera, and realized that I have a few that I’ve been meaning to post. I also realized that I have more pictures that I want to be sure and take before I totally forget or in some cases miss out all together. Like the irises that are blooming right now. We have a pretty pink one and some white and yellow and purple. They are so huge and ruffle-y and just frothy. Back to the subject at hand…

I made a bread pudding:

Breadpud1 Breadpud2

I can’t say that bread pudding is a favorite dessert, but every now and then it just sounds good. I used a loaf of brioche to make this one. It wasn’t bad for my first attempt. I think next time I will have a little less bread and a little more pudding.

I took a day off to do nothing. I just wanted to do nothing at all and not feel guilty about it. When I got up that morning, this was waiting for me in the kitchen:


Tulips and bagels and lox and cream cheese. A book full of beautiful tulip photographs and a very cute chocolate cake. Mr. Lucy is one of the most generous people I know. He was forgiven for the sink full of dirty dishes for the day. He is also very smart sometimes.

I tried to take some dog pictures, I think you can see that it is very very difficult for Bear to sit still. Oh the effort!


And one last picture of the lilacs:


We had so many this year, but they are nearly all faded now. I could smell them every night when I pulled into the driveway, it was heavenly!

Next time, here at Hey Lucy: the Irises, books, knitted washcloths and what every household should have, a cable knit hot water bottle cover, of course!


  1. I’ve been lovin’ the lilacs this spring, too. Aren’t they heavenly?

  2. Oh bless Mr Lucy! Just when you start to wonder why you bother with them they do something special like that. 🙂

  3. Darn it! I was wanting to use Princess Academy for the book exchange! That’s okay. I’ll find something else. I e-mailed Shannon Hale to see if she would be interested in contributing to the sister missionary essay thing and she is interested when things calm down for her in a few months. Isn’t that cool?

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