Progress, sort of.

Posted by on March 21, 2005 in other things | 2 comments

I worked like crazy on my work space over the weekend:

Corner_1 Deskclean_1 Floorclean_1

How beautiful is that floor? It just needs a little sweeping. I still have to tackle that pile on the end of my desk. Well, that and the organized piles I made in the other part of the guest house as I pulled all the junk out:


There are a few more piles that you can’t see too. I’ll go through a stack every night and it shouldn’t be too painful. It feels so good in my little room. I just sat in there for a while last night going through a magazine and tearing out pages and planning new projects and feeling creative.

Also, Bear would like you to know that he has a stick:


And Spring has come to Pine Valley:



  1. Wow! You did a great job on cleaning up your office! It looks great! Nothing like a clean work space to get those creative juices flowing. Bear is so cute! I think we’re going to get spring soon, I hope.

  2. How cute is that… I love the photo of Bear with his stick!!
    Your craft area looks great! We both have those great plastic roller carts with the drawers, those things made a world of difference hiding away all of my supplies. Time to get creative! 🙂

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