growing ripples

Posted by on March 29, 2007 in craft | 9 comments

I keep spending all my free time outside, but I do have to come inside (reluctantly) when it gets dark. So I’ve done a little more rippling. I had to snap this picture quick, as my camera battery was dying, so I’m not thrilled with the picture, but you get the idea. Crochet uses such unique hand muscles, sometimes I feel like my left hand is a gnarled old claw. But I just ‘shake it off’ and keep going. I’m just adding colors as I go, nothing is planned out, and I’m okay with how it’s looking. It’s so interesting what the colors do as you add them. The first orange stripe looked so vibrant when the yarn was in a ball, but the stripe itself, I’m not crazy about. It’s sort of darker and browner than I expected. And I wasn’t liking the light grey at all, but now that I see this picture, it doesn’t bother me much, it sort of blends in and isn’t too noticible. I love the way the whole thing changes with each new stripe. Of course now I want to try some granny squares, but I’m determined to stay focused until this is done. Good luck to me!


  1. The rippling looks beautiful! πŸ™‚

  2. Nice work. Is it going to eventually be a little blanket?

  3. It’s looking amazing! I love the way the colors are coming together and it’s so interesting how they are different when finally hooked. It’s official: That’s my next project!

  4. I think this is WAY cool! I used to crochet, but have forgotten how. Last year I took up knitting, which I thoroughly enjoyed…except for the ripping out, of which I have become quite the expert!!

  5. I dig the way your colors work together.

  6. Just trying to catch up – crochet, Spring and hens all looking good!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m not giving you a present because I got you a souvenir that I hope you will like, so that will have to count as your birthday present. Did you have a big birthday bash?

  8. The rippling is beautiful! I can’t crochet to save my life and you do everything!
    I hope you had a nice birthday, I was thinking of you! πŸ™‚ I hope we get down your way this summer… Thinking of getting Kimberly into a Marine Summer camp thing because she wants to be a Marine Biologist and I want her to stay motivated (she starts High School next fall… CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?????) Let’s keep in touch! πŸ˜‰

  9. Beautiful blanket – I love the ripple stitch you are using.

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