one potato, two potato

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I’m sorry about leaving pictures of myself at the top for so long! Let’s replace them with a picture of Lucy, shall we? Is it just me, or is she just one photogenic cat? I think she likes having her picture taken. As soon as I get the camera out, she’s right there, sticking her face in it. Note to self: clean the cat nose prints off the lens before taking any more pictures.


Recently my Tivo recorded an episode of Jamie Oliver, and darn it if I don’t have a new cooking crush. That particular episode was all about strawberries, and I definitely want to make rice pudding with fresh strawberry jam and meringues, but when I was browsing through his latest cookbook, this recipe caught my eye:


Potatoes, stuffed with bacon, sage and garlic. Genius! Doesn’t it look delicious? I thought the picture of the raw potatoes was so pretty, but wondered why they chose to show the uncooked version, rather than the finished version. Well, duh. Because as delicious as it was, I don’t know that you could possibly take an attractive picture. This is the best I could do:


Not exactly appetizing, but I promise, these little gems were tasty. The only criticism I have is that each potato includes an anchovy filet in each little bacon bundle. Jamie says not to let it worry you, it’s just to add a nice richness. Honestly, they tasted a little too fishy for me, and I’m leaving them out next time. Also, what can I do with half a can of anchovies? Suggestions are welcome. I might just give them to the chickens, though.


  1. Oh yum. I’ve been Tivo-ing his episodes too. Love his outdoor room! I’m going to have to try these nix the anchovies.
    By the way, love the new cut! Adorable summer do!
    Smiles, Heather

  2. I love anchovies.
    My husband detests them.
    I love them on pizza.
    You could make a caesar dressing, it has anchovies in it.

  3. Well give the anchovies to the chickens I say. They’ll just rot in the fridge, wont they?
    And Jamie, gosh, isn’t he the love. They put him on at 7:30 Sat morn here. I haven’t seen one show.
    Your meow is the most beautiful. And you weren’t too bad yourself. Nice cut.
    So there.

  4. Oh yeah – caesar dressing! I always like to melt one anchovy fillet in olive oil when making tomato (spaghetti) sauce. It adds a depth of flavor and richness.

  5. DD loves them, much to my dismay. Send them to her. πŸ˜‰

  6. Anchovies = PIZZA!

  7. Haven’t been to visit your blog for too long! Love Jamie and love the sound of this recipe. Potatoes any way are great, but the addition of bacon, sage and garlic sounds delicious. Funnily I can’t say I’ve ever seen that Jamie book for sale in the UK. Maybe they’re selling it under a different title over here. Love the picture of your beautiful cat by the way. Very photogenic!

  8. Your cat is so cute, Lucy is the name of my moms dog they call her Lucy goosy and sometimes just Loose. Thanks for sharing your crush, my favorie chef at the moment is Todd English, check him out and take care,.

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