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Posted by on December 7, 2006 in stitch | 6 comments

Does anyone else find themselves inexplicably obssessing over random things or ideas? Because I do that all the time. There were the bento boxes (which I still use every week to bring my lunch to work) and of course there are the chickens (which are thriving quite nicely and who I visit every day) and now it is this slightly creepy yet oddly cute Blythe doll:
I can see that I am going to have to work on my Blythe photography skills. Here she is appreciating paint-by-numbers art. She arrived wearing only underwear, so I had to quickly make her a little dress. It’s a bit of Liberty fabric I had, along with some vintage rick-rack and a sparkly vintage button. I think she may also need a little white slip. Mr. Lucy is a little worried that I am going to become one of those ‘weird ladies that plays with dolls’ (his exact words, not mine), but I quickly assured him that one of the reasons that I got her was that I have four nieces, and wouldn’t it be fun to have lots of clothes and one of those suitcases with the rod for hanging clothes and little compartments for shoes that I could bring along whenever visiting them? They would love it, I’m sure! And of course I will love making her all those clothes and that suitcase. Now, where to find some doll sized hangers…?  I’ll be adding some Blythe links to the sidebar, just to reassure myself that I’m not the only obssessive one out there.


  1. Ohhh how sweet she is! And what lovely taste! Paint by numbers! I would love to go thrifting with her!
    Her dress is fabulous! Truly sweet!! You must visit Flickr!! There are loads of “crazy doll ladies”!
    Oh the fun has just begun! : ) I know it!
    xoxo Jenny!
    Thank you bunches for visiting my blog! So sweet!

  2. I have found myself obsessed with vintage aprons, and not-so-vintage aprons that i am creating to look like vintage aprons! And of course, there are the 9 hens and Albie Darn I’m a Rooster. Always obsessing over them!!!

  3. I LOVE the dress! It’s so very classy. How did the knitted dress turn out? Mimi is missing her Auntiee Marne. E

  4. I have to admit I have always found dolls a little scary but she is actually quite cute. I love her dress and I think you definitely need to make her a suitcase and lots more clothes. And show them to us of course.

  5. What a lovely idea, you will definetly become the favourite aunt.

  6. Evie is cute. And. Yes. Mr. Lucy has a point, but why not? It’s harmless. You could tell him you want about five cats… a week… Now THAT would be WEIRD!

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