Pink Baby

Posted by on October 20, 2005 in other things, Uncategorized | 6 comments

All done! It’s soft and cuddly, and I’m excited to give it to the new baby next weekend. I’ll try to take a picture of her in it, but I think it may be too gigantic for that yet. I knitted the 12 month size, but it’s sort of coat-like, so she should be able to wear it for awhile once she’s not swimming in it.

I really like Debbie Bliss designs, but I still think the patterns are not very well edited. I checked the pattern revisions page again, and it looks as if all the mistakes I found in this sweater are corrected there. The explanation at the top of the page says (and I quote), "
These are the
corrections for books that,
due to printing errors,
have unfortunately given incorrect instructions." Printing errors? I don’t think it was a printing error when you didn’t include any instructions for finishing the pockets, or that one row where you forgot to mention doing the last cable. Humph. Just admit you made some mistakes and check stuff more carefully next time please. Okay, I’m done berating the knitting editors.

You know what I love? When you do a spell check, and there are no errors found.

You know what else I love? When people leave comments, even if they just say hi.


  1. What a terrific sweater. I love it, especially the buttons. You did a great job.

  2. Hi!
    P.S. lovely sweater 🙂

  3. You knit so fast!! It’s lovely and I love your choice of color, very nice. I never much like the traditional baby colors. I’m going to have a ruffles update soon :o)

  4. hi.

  5. Oh, what a pretty cardigan, so sweet.

  6. I love comments, too! You should get a lot on this beautiful baby sweater: look at all the seed stitch and cabling, they give it such a great texture. Baby (and her lucky mom) are sure to love it.

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