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This weekend I got to one of those projects that I’ve been wanting to do for months and months. I had these hemp pants that I just loved, but they were worn beyond repair in the bum and inseam. They were loose and flowey, so I figured they’d be great as a skirt. First I cut out the inseam from hem to hem, then laid it flat on my ironing board. I pinned and pressed the front seam to be topstitched in place:


Then I made sure the legs were all flat, and measured the triangle they made, to be cut out of another fabric:


I sewed that in place, did something similar for the back, added a band of contrast fabric around the bottom, and voila! a skirt!


I couldn’t take a picture of it on because a) we don’t have a full length mirror and b) I didn’t want to share my fat belly with the internet. I like it, and I got lots of compliments when I wore it yesterday, so I’m going to call it a succesful project!

UPDATE: Laural is doing a little reconstruction of her own. So pretty!

UPDATE #2: Another pretty skirt (although this one isn’t recycled) .

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  1. I love the skirt!

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