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I am pleased to report that I have organized all my knitting. I've cleaned out the stash yarn, made plans to use most of what I have left, cleaned up my Ravelry queue, and am working away on a few things that I want to finish asap, so I can cast on some other things that are ready and waiting-yarns and patterns together in bags, hanging from the hooks in my little studio, just hoping to be cast on soon. Whew, that feels so good! 

I finished one mitt to go with my much loved shawl, and the other should be done shortly. These will be worn regularly this winter. I just love these patterns, the stripey-ness and the lacy-ness of them. 

French chiffon mitts

And because I have been making progress on my Tea Leaves cardigan (button bands are done! sleeves are underway!), I just thought I'd go ahead and cast on a big, lacy shawl. It's just that the yarn, it was sitting there so prettily, I couldn't help myself.

Malabrigo lace

It's Malabrigo Lace (the color is Bobby Blue), and oh my goodness, it knits up like a soft, soft cloud. Those two skeins should become a big shawl that will weigh nearly nothing. This is my first time knitting with Malabrigo, but I really think I need to try every yarn they make. I should, right?

And mostly unrelated, I just thought I would jump on the "what's in your bag?" bandwagon, and take a picture of the contents of my purse. This is one of very few places that I have complete control, and I like to keep it super tidy and organized. Doing this I realized that I really need a much cuter case for my sunglasses, and a much cuter cover for my check book. Why have I been carrying it around in the navy vinyl monstrosity that came with the checks? What is wrong with me? I'll take another picture when I remedy these things, don't you worry. 

In my bag

What is the state of your bag? What all do you carry around with you? 


  1. I have been meaning to take a picture of my bag contents too, maybe I’ll do it next week. You carry around so little it is very admirable! đŸ™‚

  2. I've really reduced what I need to carry, mostly because of my iPhone :o) I don't need to have a book with me all the time, because I have one on there. I don't need a planner, I don't need my ipod, because I have enough music on there. I really like having less in my purse, it's also easier to find stuff this way! 
    I do still often have some knitting with me, and I carry my lunch to work a lot of the time too, but I have plenty of room for both.

  3. Malabrigo Love!

  4. adore the bag/purse – where ever did you find it?

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