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  • A lone sunflower growing at the side of the freeway, in a little crack at the edge of the road. I am watching it's progress each day as I pass by on my way to work.
  • The guy at the bus stop dancing his heart out, with no sense of embarrassment, as I pulled into the grocery store parking lot.
  • Two little grey and yellow birds, doing their mating dance over our woodpile one sunny day. I need to find out what kind of birds they are.
  • Little chickens now living outside in a makeshift pen made out of an old dog house and rusty cage, thanks to Mr. HeyLucy's ingenuity and sweat. They had to be sent out of the studio after I went in Saturday morning to give them fresh food and water and found three of the little cheeky buggers out of their box and running around the room.
  • Realizing beeswax foundation looks like a tumbling blocks quilt pattern when you hold it up to the light. Also, it smell delicious.


  • Seeing bats swooping and flying above the driveway at dusk. Eat all the mosquitoes you like, little bats!
  • Spring vegetables and fruits, like this roasted asparagus I made for breakfast this weekend. I decided to try making hollandaise sauce (using a goose egg yolk!), and it was delicious and silky and decadent. Let me know if you would like the recipe (using regular eggs, of course!) Tonight I have some fresh fava beans. I'm going to try grilling them in their pods.


  • A tiny fat toad, caught while helping Mr. HeyLucy dig through the scrap wood for the chicken pen project. I brought him inside long enough to snap a picture, but then let him go again, right where we found him. He is about the size of a kumquat. I used to love catching tadpoles and watching them grow legs when I was a kid.


I have more bee stories, but I'll save all that for a post later this week. As I've been reading other beekeeping sites and blogs I've noticed that some beekeepers name their hives. As I only have the one, I don't suppose it's really necessary, but I started thinking about what name I could give my hive. I was looking around for names of famous beekeepers, and learned that the Von Trapp family kept bees on their Vermont farm, cool, right? I love The Sound of Music. As I was thinking about it, I came up with the brilliant idea to name my queen Maria, and then call my hive the Von Trapp Family Stingers. And then I cracked myself up.


  1. You are always thinking! How can one person be so clever? Love you blog!!

  2. Haha, best queen bee and hive names ever!

  3. I love watching bats, too. They’re so fast and graceful, not to mention their bug-eating benefits. I’m glad I found your blog!
    Sweetfern Handmade

  4. Thanks for visiting! I popped on over to your blog, and I think you might
    have been inside my head when you wrote your farm post. I am just the same
    way, interested in all sorts of things, verging on obsession for
    days/weeks/months at a time, but always with an underlying desire for
    self-sufficiency and to provide food for myself and to share. I would love
    to turn my little just-under-an-acre into a mini CSA farm so others can
    enjoy fresh, farm-grown organic food. I have more egg customers than I can
    supply at the moment, and they are already clamoring for honey. I must plant
    more tomatoes, ASAP!

  5. A wonderful list of love! Are you going to be making your own beeswax candles?

  6. Reading things like, “…And then I cracked myself up…” on your blog makes me LOL.

  7. oh wow, that breakfast looks so good! i’m wondering if you do poached eggs the way i’ve heard is the right way: with vinegar in the water. i’ve never done that for some odd reason, but i think it’s the magis elixir that makes the eggs poach properly. :o) i have a lot of catching up to do here at Hey Lucy. haven’t stopped by in a while. and i just added you to my blog list – and thank you so much for listing me!!

  8. Can I get the asparagus recipe? I’m pretty sure I would love it! Thanks for the little insight into your happy mind. It made me smile.

  9. Love the bee family name!

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