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I only have two pairs of shorts that fit anymore, a black pair and a white linen pair. The black ones are a kind of dressier fabric, so not really conducive to various weekend activities, like cleaning out the chicken coop. And white linen, well, also not the proper attire for that either. When I checked my clothing budget for the week, I only found about 56 cents, so I got creative. Despite the fact that I only have two pair of shorts, I have quite a few pair of khaki pants. I’m not sure how that happened. I wear khaki pants once, maybe twice a week, but I don’t think I really need the 6 pairs in my closet. So, I took the ones I wear the least (pretty much never), and cut them off. My first thought was to just leave the raw edge. Then I considered tidying them up with a hem, but then I had the brilliant idea to bind the edges with some red calico. It might be kind of nerdy, but I think I like it.

The obligatory macro shot of the binding:

Oh, and while I have your attention, notice the birdcage in the top picture. I’m still on my spray paint kick, and I decided I didn’t like the original color of my birdcage. I may have gone a little crazy. Is the blue too much? I had also considered white or yellow. I think I better have another poll.


  1. The bird cage is STUNNING! It would definitely stop me in my tracks if I walked by!

  2. Love the shorts! What a great idea!!

  3. I LOVE the shorts! What a great idea!
    When you cut them off, how did you do it? Just a straight line across? Because I totally have to copy you on this!

  4. the blue rocks! and i LOVE the binding on the shorts!

  5. Don’t let CJ3 know that you wear khakis, he will mock you. Just passing on a warning from one who has already been mocked. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Love those shorts! And I love the poll, even though I’m undecided. In everything except politics, I’m always undecided.

  7. Pfft. Such an overachiever with the shorts (I’m really just speaking out of jealousy. I never come up with cute ideas like that.)
    My initial reaction to the birdcage photo was, “It’s really pretty and it matches really well with your rug/mat that’s on your porch.” But then I started thinking, “hmm, maybe it matches a little too much for Heylucy’s taste.” I think that “matching” isn’t ever really your goal. Maybe to “compliment.” Therefore, I voted for yellow. That’s my 2 cents anyway.

  8. I love this about you, you make everything cute, beautiful, creative and fun. Love the blue bird cage, and your shorts are darling.

  9. I vote yellow for the bird cage. Because of all the greenery, the yellow will pop. Also I watched the first three episodes of House of Eliott this morning. I now want to cut my hair short and sew beautiful dresses and drink champagne with Englishmen. Thank you! I love it!

  10. the shorts look great!! what neat work ๐Ÿ™‚
    I like the birdcage blue, but how about a really vibrant orange?
    just for something different

  11. I always had a problem with the way it looked when I cut-off trousers and hemmed the edges to make them shorts. So the last time I did it, I used a strip from the bottom of the trousers to make a wide binding / cuff (there’s a tutorial on my blog, which probably explains it much better than I am doing here!). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that your shorts look great – and that I think binding is a much better way.

  12. The shorts are super cute and I love the blue of the birdcage. It looks great with the blue in the rug.

  13. haha- you crack me up! Taking a poll for the bird cage color! I love the blue myself- it’s very cute! I found a little fledgling last night and made a “nest” for it our of a berry basket and a bunch of grass clipings, pine needles and yarn- the little bird slept in it in the trees last night. I keep giving it tiny pieces of grape and now it’s on a branch, getting ready to fly the nest already! Anyway, the shorts look cool too! What an awesome idea! I need to try that- I only have one pair of shorts that really fit me well and they are getting sad looking. I keep thinking I need to deconstruct them and use them as a pattern, but that is way beyond my sewing abilities! I like the trim you chose- doesn’t look nerdy to me. At first, I thought you had just taken yarn and sort of scalloped the edges- that might be cute too.You’re a clever chic!

  14. It is very blue! Just do not put a bluebird inside…you may never see the bird!
    Like your shorts!
    Oh yeah, Winston, just wanted to show off his beautiful fur and that is why he is in the pictures! He is a cool looking dog!

  15. Hey you! Whack-a-doodle!
    Stella with the Lethar went down. Any comments?

  16. Your blog makes me smile. You are funny and have great ideas! The blue is pretty.

  17. That is so funny, because I seriously have a khaki pant obsession. In fact, when I go out to garage sales, as I am walking out the door, yells “don’t buy any more khaki pants!”
    Now I have a project for my daughter to make me khaki shorts! Way cute.

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