My First Sweater

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As promised, here is one of my current projects:
My First Sweater
It’s the first sweater I’ll ever finish.

I started a sweater once, about 12 years ago. I still have it, but I don’t have enough yarn to finish it and I don’t think it will be possible to find a close enough match so I decided to just unravel the whole thing and forget about it. What a relief not to have the 12 year sweater to bother me anymore. It’s traveled across the country and back and moved with me about 5 times. I keep watching those organization shows on TV lately, so it’s the first casualty of the de-cluttering that will be happening this year. To bad I don’t have a crusher like on ‘The Life Laundry’.

So, back the the current sweater. It’s Banff from the current issue of Knitty, which is great, if you’ve never visited. I used Steadfast Fibers wool, the color is called Rainforest, and I really like knitting with it. It’s been pretty easy so far, and was a good project for me to graduate to after lots of scarves and hats. I still have to sew up the left underarm seam, and finish the neck. The neck is not going so well though. I picked up the stitches, just like it said in the directions, but there are some holes in various places, so I’m going to have to rip it and try again. I think I’ll try using slightly smaller needles, the ones I’ve used for the rest of the sweater were awfully tight, I’ll just switch back to them on the first round of knitting. Are there any knitters out there with any helpful suggestions?

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