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Good things still happen. I got several happy packages in the mail last week:


My back-tack package arrived on Wednesday! It looks like a fiesta! Check out all those beads and buttons.  I think I will be making something heavily beaded.

I also got the first of my cd’s from Crafty Little Cow’s music swap:


The lovely blue one on the right is from Karen, and the fabulous polka dotted one on the left is from the other Karin. They are both so, so good. Both included songs from artists that I love, like Paris Combo, Lucinda Williams and Indigo Girls, and both included lots of new-to-me stuff that I am digging. Not only that, look at that packaging! They’re both so beautiful! I have to apologize to the recipients of my cd’s. I had only a tiny window of time to make them, and while I’m happy with the music I included, the actual package design is pretty lame. I just used a vintage photo of surfer girls that I liked and photocopied them, trimmed them badly, and stuck them in the case. I had big plans for a cool, funky design, but it was not to be. I also wanted to spend a little more time making sure the music flowed well, but I just ended up putting some favorite songs on there, in alphabetical order. Lame! I hope you will enjoy them despite my lameness. And I hope you will forgive me for the indulgence of including my little brother on there too. I really like the song I included, although I only had a live version, so you have to listen to him babble a bit at the beginning.

A couple weeks ago I made another mixed cd for my brothers and sister. All five of us loved music growing up, and we had quite a range of musical tastes. I put together a mix of songs that make me think of them and growing up together. I didn’t include the song titles on the cd, because I wanted everyone to just listen and enjoy, but promised I’d post them here. So for them, here is a taste of what you might have heard at any given time in our house in the 80’s and 90’s:

  1. Let it Ride-Bachman Turner Overdrive (one of the first songs Cary-aka CJ3-learned to play on the guitar)
  2. Jane Says-Jane’s Addiction
  3. New World Man-Rush (CJ1 was obsessed with Rush in high school, to the annoyance of the rest of us. To his credit, he is now embarressed by this)
  4. Life in One Day-Howard Jones (who couldn’t love this song? I included it on my swap cd too)
  5. Step by Step-New Kids on the Block (My little sister actually went to the NKOTB concert, and I made fun of her. She was only 13, so it’s okay)
  6. Belong-REM (Cary taught me to strum a G-Chord on one guitar while he played lead on another and I pretended to be Mike Mills singing back up. We sounded just like REM. Really, I’m not kidding)
  7. Be Near Me-ABC (CJ1’s other obsession in high school. He had diverse taste in music)
  8. Forever Young-Alphaville
  9. Shake it Up-The Cars (My obsession in 7th and 8th grade, I had every Cars tape, included Heartbeat City, which is when they started to suck)
  10. We Got the Beat-The Go-Go’s (this says 9th grade to me like nothing else)
  11. Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)-Pet Shop Boys
  12. Where the Streets Have No Name-U2 (One band all 5 of us can agree on)
  13. White Room-Cream (CJ2 went through an extended classic rock period. I think all of us did, but I remember him getting the Eric Clapton Boxed set, and it was a Big Deal)
  14. The Lovecats-The Cure (CJ3 still claims The Cure as one of his biggest influences)
  15. Run to the Hills-Iron Maiden (When CJ2 was in high school he got tickets to the Iron Maiden concert at Irvine Meadows with a bunch of friends. His friends got in trouble and were grounded, so my mom made me drive him. We ended up in the orchestra pit. My ears rang for a full 24 hours after that show)
  16. Roadhouse Blues-The Doors (In college CJ2 and I went to see The Doors movie-the one starring Val Kilmer-on Opening Night. We were hardcore fans)
  17. Invisible Touch-Genesis
  18. Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World-Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (my little sister used to sit in her room in front of her record player listening and singing along to Somewhere Over the Rainbow. What a Wonderful World was my Grandparents song, and was played at my Grandmother’s funeral)

I deleted my last post because it was just too sad. We’ll make it through, but things will never be just the same. Who will I call when I need to fix a leaky faucet? The phone was eerily quiet last night. Sunday night tradition was a phone call from dad. Thank you so much to those who left such kind comments-they were truly comforting.


  1. hi. i just got your cd today. thanks! i can’t wait to listen to it. you should be getting one from me soon, too, so don’t click on my link until you do, or it will ruin the surprise (or, if you don’t like surprises, go ahead and click it).

  2. Oh good, I’m glad you like your CD!

  3. So Glad you got the stuff! I dyed the green myself, that was fun. Hope you find inspiration in the stuff I sent.
    My back tack-er sent matching stuff, color coordinated. I didn’t think of doing that.
    Looks like you have been having some fun with your sewing machine, that always makes me happy too.

  4. Hey I got your cd this morning, can’t wait to get home so I can listen. I received three this morning so I will have a musical night ahead of me 🙂

  5. Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World is SUCH a wonderful song. Great mix. I remember several of the songs.

  6. Hey, I don’t even remember sitting in front of the record player listening to Somewhere over the Rainbow. But I do remember the funny pink porcelian (for crying out loud, how do you spell that? You would think I would know since our mom and grandma worked with it so much) clown that had that song in its music box.
    Also, another fun fact that maybe you didn’t know is that I loved Genesis Invisible Touch and I used to listen to it all the time with the baby pink Walkman that Grandma and Grandpa gave me one year for Christmas. Genesis was a Hinkle favorite, so I think that was how I was first introduced. I still have the tape in my car. I can’t bear to part with it and I still love all of the songs.

  7. FYI – What a Wonderful World is also included on the wedding reception track that has been created. Maybe we should do the Israel K. version to include Somewhere over the Rainbow that I apparently loved so much when I was younger.:-)

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