monster mash

Posted by on February 20, 2007 in stitch | 5 comments

I worked on some monsters yesterday. It was a good activity for the cold, blustery, rainy weather.

This one is on it’s way to Pengiun Publishing in Australia, where her pattern is going to be included in a book about softies. How cool is that? I’m pretty excited. I also recently got an e-mail asking me to apply to be in a new book from Lark Publishing about beads and quilts. I better get working on that this week! You know what is the best part about participating in these sorts of projects? Free books, of course! I’m really looking forward to seeing the Softies book.

I also have a blue monster and a green monster nearly complete, and I’ll be putting them in the shop, hopefully by the weekend.

Here you can see that the chickens are hoping the fuzzy pink thing is some new kind of food for them:

Poor chucks spent the day under the porch yesterday, it was raining so hard. I think we have a second layer now, though. I got two eggs yesterday, one was sort of pointy and blotchy, which makes me think someone laid their first egg! I just ordered 100 egg cartons, so they better all get to work soon.


  1. Monster? You call that monster?
    It’s absolutely adorable.

  2. I’m telling you, you should just mass produce monsters and you could be a millionare, they’re so cute.
    100 egg cartons? Does that mean you’re going to start selling the eggs?
    I sound awfully greedy, talking to you about money and all. Sorry.

  3. That monster is soo very cute and wow many congratulations on the books.

  4. ADORABLE! Love your softie..

  5. I randomly found your blog and I have to say I love the whimsical look of your monster. You should totally do a highway photo shoot with this guy. He looks like he needs a ride, but I wouldn’t pick up this scary hitch hiker!

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