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Not only did I finish Lady Eleanor this weekend, I made myself some mitts:

Mitt Mitt3
Action shots! I used a pattern in the latest Interweave Knits and some lovely alpaca/wool yarn. It’s cold in the morning, but I need to drive, so it’s helpful to have my fingers free. It also gets really cold at my desk at work sometimes, so I think they will come in handy there too. I’m working on a little scarf to match. "What about your Olympic Knitting socks?" you may be asking. Yeah. That’s not working out right now. I think it’s okay to change events, isn’t it? I’m feeling pretty good that I’ve finished a couple things, so let’s just be happy about that and call it a success. The socks are still on the list, but the circular needles? Aren’t working out so well. I’ll try again, but I was getting a big gap when switching needles, so I need to practice a bit more.

I was not too smart and left Lady Eleanor at work last night, so no picture today, maybe tomorrow. To make up for my broken promises, here’s some music to listen to (requires Quicktime):

Lullaby by Cary


  1. The mittens look great. The lastest interweave hasn’t made it to Australia so I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in it. Thanks for the preview..

  2. faancy. I like them alot. I also love Lady Eleanor. You’ll have to share the pattern sometime. Is it a shawl or a little blanket. Great artistic shots, too.:-P

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