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The bathroom is nearly complete. I’m sure everyone around me will be pleased when it’s over, so they don’t have to hear any more about it. This week I managed to install the light fixture, which replaces a Home Depot $6 fixture put there by the previous owners. If you’re wondering how good a $6 fixture could possibly look, I would have to answer, "not very good." I had a before picture on my camera, but I guess the fixture was so bad that the camera decided the memory card should be re-formatted so no one would have to see it. The new one, from Schoolhouse Electric, is much, much better.
I can’t recommend them enough. They were great to do business with, and I love that they let you pick out the fixture and then pick the shade. That way you end up with a really custom, one-of-a-kind light. I thought the prices were really reasonable too, considering the care that goes into all their products. I think they have an interesting story.

Our bathroom isn’t a super fancy master suite spa sort of thing, but it feels so luxurious now. I may still look for a shower door, but I hung a tension rod and curtain, and it’s actually working out okay. There’s so much room now when I shower. Before, there was alway a shower curtain touching something or other, an elbow or a shoulder, but now I can practically put my arms all the way out before I hit a wall or curtain. And no more doing the limbo to wash my hair. The shower head is way, way above my head. Then, of course, there is the hot, bubbly baths I’ve been taking! Heaven!

I’ve still got baseboards to install, a couple towel bars to hang, and paint to touch-up, but when it’s done you better believe I’ll be showing the whole thing off right here!

Another little luxury item I’m working on:
Embroidered 100% Linen pillowcases. I think these little bluebirds are so sweet. These little iron-on transfers are from Patternbee, another business I highly recommend. This pattern is from the Dream Home set.

Some other luxuries for which I am currently grateful: my trusty iPod that holds all my music, so I can take it with me everywhere; fresh eggs whenever I want them; really good cheese.

What are some of your favorite little luxuries?


  1. Hey! I embroidered those same birds! I found the pattern on Vintage Transfer Finds (they’re free!). And I’m really sorry, I’d link to all this but I don’t know how inside a comment. But you can google it and find it pretty easy I think. You’re house is SO Cute!!!

  2. The birds are so cute! I can’t wait to see your bathroom when it’s all finished.
    I’m not sure about linking in comments either but Vintage Transfer Finds is at

  3. I know what you mean about a simple shower feeling luxurious. In Peru, the shower in Mr. P’s house has very little pressure and no shower curtain. And the shower head is one of those hand held ones so while you’re shampooing your hair or soaping up, you can’t have warm water shooting on you. You just have to stand there in the cold. Brrr.
    Last night Mr. P and I tried some ice cream that is actually described as “Luxury Ice Cream.” It’s sold in a shop that sells all sorts of gourmet cheeses and jams amongst other things. I think you would like it a lot.

  4. Love those bluebirds I had a pillowcase with something very similar when I was a child.

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