Little Tiny Books

Posted by on June 28, 2005 in craft | 2 comments

One of my favorite crafts ever would have to be bookbinding. I haven’t made any books for awhile, and my little sister asked me to make the guestbook for her wedding, so I thought I’d better practice before I do that. So I made a little book:

Bookoutside Bookspine Bookinside

It’s 4.5×3 inches, and I used a handmade paper for the front and back cover and French printmaking paper for the pages. I did a four needle Japanese binding, which is my absolute favorite binding, it’s loose enough that you can really fill the book with all sorts of ephemera, it lays flat when you open it, and it’s strong and pretty.

I think this is going to go out in the mail to a secret recipient. I hope she will like it!


  1. the books look very nice indeed!! i’ve never tried bookbinding and it seems difficult =P

  2. That is so beautiful and perfect! What a lovely treat someone is going to get.

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