Little Guy

Posted by on November 4, 2005 in other things, Uncategorized | 10 comments

Yay! My booklet arrived yesterday:
And I made this little guy last night. He still needs arms and legs, he’ll get them this weekend. These tiny guys are a little challenging to get started, but easy once you get going. I have to work on my tension a bit, it’s kind of funky.

Can anyone tell me a good place to have little fabric labels made?


  1. That’s really cute.

  2. This little guy is cute. I also want to know where to made ittle fabric labels .
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  3. How nice!!

  4. Very cute! I may have to get one of those booklets,…
    I got my labels at R. Draper and they seem really good at customizing:
    Some folks at my SnB ordered labels through Charm, and are please with them as well:
    Good luck!

  5. Your little fellow is so cute! I’ve made Henry the Bear and now Spherey, and I agree, once I finally get those 6 little stitches cast on and divided between 3 dnp, I’m rolling. Please let us know if you find a good label supplier.

  6. Not sure about where to get the labels – but I love your little man!

  7. I got my labels (like the one in your bag and on the bottom of the pin cushion from the back tack I swap) from It took a little while for the to show up, but considering they were cheaper than anywhere else, I thought it was worth the wait. Hope this helps!!!

  8. That looks so cute, I like the colors too.

  9. Does he have his arms and legs yet? The anticipation is killing me.;-)

  10. When are you going to update your blog?

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