linen, wool, silk and cotton

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I always take a knitting break at some point during the summer. I guess it’s partly the heat and partly a need to re-charge the knitting batteries. But now I have a bunch of summer shows saved on my Tivo, so I need something to do while I watch TV in the evening. I’m finding myself drawn back to needlework projects. I’ve done some cross stitch in the past, and a little needlepoint (although I never actually finished a needlepoint project, unlike my sister-I wish she had picture of her needlepoint, it’s really quite beautiful and amazing). I especially love samplers. I don’t know why that is, just something about the alphabet all stitched up in pretty colors and a showcase of various stitches all lined up just so really appeals to my asthetic. I have a Shepherd’s Bush sampler I made 10 or 12 years ago. I’ve never managed to frame it, I should do that. I loved making it, and the pale colors are so pretty and soothing, and I don’t think it’s too cutesy like a lot of cross stitch can be. Plus there are some other interesting techniques in there as well. I think the bottom section qualifies as hardanger, doesn’t it?

Sampler1 Sampler2

I’ve done a very little bit of regular embroidery, and some ribbon embroidery. I think I’m going to try out both again, for my TV viewing projects this month. I ordered this fun kit from Kristin Nicholas:


I was also lucky enough to get one of Hilary’s Stitchettes. I also dug out that pretty piece of pale green linen you can see on the right in the pictures above. I think I might use it for something like the monograms or samplers seen here. I love the red with the natural linen, but wouldn’t they also be pretty as sort of tone-on-tone pieces? Maybe my green linen with white floss? I think I might try it out.

Linen, wool, silk and cotton. Those are some of my favorite words!


  1. Hi Marne!
    Did you get the kit yet? Maybe by tomorrow? I sent it early in the week – I think Tuesday. Have fun with it.

  2. Thanks for updating:-)
    I’ll have to post a picture of the needlepoint. I really want to make some of the other designs from the book that the pattern came from. That reminds me that you gave me a sampler to make like 10 years ago. I haven’t even started it yet, but I know exactly where it is. Maybe I’ll take it with me to Italy and work on it there. Finally. But I’m still knitting, as you know, and I recently found out that 2 friends are pregnant and I want to make them baby sweaters. So much to do…

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