knitting with chickens

Posted by on October 9, 2006 in farm | 3 comments

I was trying to knit last night while watching TV, and this little bugger kept walking on my hands:
Apparently it looked like a good spot for a nap. I don’t really get it, I kept putting her back on my shoulder, where she usually sits, but this is where she wanted to be. Can you even stand all the cuteness? I’m going to miss her when she’s big enough to go outside, but I don’t think I want to risk big chicken poops in the house. Gross. I may be crazy chicken lady, but there are limits.

Saturday I went to the pumpkin patch at Summer’s Past Farms. It was just perfect, but I only took a few pictures, I was too busy soaking up the sun and relaxing.
Yarrow Pumpkinpatch Pumpkinwall2
I didn’t get any pumpkins yet, but I probably will in a week or two. I think next year we’re going to plant our own pumpkin patch. Spring is my favorite time of year, but Fall runs a close second. It’s starting to get chilly and frosty at night up here in the mountains. It makes me want to sit on the porch, early in the morning in my thick fleece bathrobe with a cup of hot chocolate, and watch the sun come up.


  1. How’s your cat taking to the little chicks?

  2. What a doll! I mean “chick”. I can’t say they get any cuter, that’s for sure! But, they do grow on you. I am certain mine are about ready to lay…just waitin on nature. They now have daylight for 15 hours with the auto timer lamp going on at 4:30 AM, so that should start their juices flowin! Will post on my blog the day I get my first egg!

  3. Of all the things that can happen when knitting, I do think that a chickie wandering across your hand is amongst the best! So cute!

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