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Sunday night I sewed the binding on the quilt and last night my brother called to say contractions were five minutes apart and they were heading to the hospital. Phew! That was close. I hope he likes it! I’m quite proud of the neatly mitered corners, all thanks to these very helpful instructions.


And just because all babies need lots of onesies, I spent hours and hours making these little guys. Oh, wait, they actually took about three minutes, thanks to the Mod Dots shop. So I wasn’t too original here, but I love these little robot transfers. There’s nothing wrong with the cutesy baby stuff, but I like to be the cool auntie who makes the fun and funky presents. Of course, I might just really be the one who makes the kids think "oh no, another homemade weird gift from that kooky aunt," but I think I’m okay with that too.


It’s testosterone central at my house this morning. It’s a shame I have to go to work and miss all the action. The tree people started cutting down the tree yesterday, and arrived early this morning to continue the job. We are going to have quite the woodpile when they are done. We’ll be selling firewood for cheap this winter, I suspect, so if you’re in San Diego and need firewood and don’t mind taking a little drive, I’ll hook you up. 

I’m taking pictures of each day’s progress. They are probably not that interesting to anyone but me. It already feels so different out there, sort of blank and exposed. I’m sure we’ll get used to it, and make good use of the space, it’s really quite a huge area we’ll have that wasn’t really usable before. Still, it makes me sad to see 400 years of history being cut down. I have to remind myself that it’s already started falling down on it’s own, and will just continue to do so, so it’s better that we’re not waiting for another branch to fall on our house, or shed, or worse, the chicken coop! These tree cutters are pretty amazing, and despite the fact that we are paying them a huge sum of money, I think they are really earning every penny. Plus they are just as nice as can be. So if you need a tree cut down, Perpetual Tree Care is the place to call.

Treeoct1d Treeoct1e

Treeoct1b Treeoct1f

Then the contractor and plumber arrived to start work on our bathroom. There’s been water damage to the sub-floor for oh, I don’t know, five years? So it’s time we do something about that, before the toilet falls through the floor with someone on it, most likely me. While that would be sort of funny, and a really, really good party story, I’d rather avoid that scenario if possible. I’ll have before and after pictures as we progress. In the meantime, since this is the only bathroom in our little house, we’ve got a port-a-potty out front! Don’t be jealous! They rent by the month, so we can keep it through October. Lucky! It even came with four rolls of toilet paper. What a deal. I love that the name of the business is Spanky’s. They also showed up this morning to clean it, even though it’s only been here for a few days, and hasn’t been used. I don’t think I’ll be drinking any liquids after dinner. It’s cold at night, and I would hate to have to go out there in my jammies in the freezing dark at 3 a.m.

It should be quite a week, don’t you think?


  1. a Spanky’s port-a-potty in your front yard? Two words for you, lucy – white trash.;-)

  2. I’m still laughing…..

  3. When me and my sisters were little kids, we had chamber pots, so we didn’t have to go out to the outhouse in the middle of the night or early on a cold morning. They worked well – most of the time. Have you cconsidered this alternative?

  4. Looks like the scrub oak tree we have on our corner lot! Huge tree and the acorns fall on the roof and sound like bullets. I’d love to have it cut down but is too expensive for right now. You are right that they earn every penny of their fee tho…very hard work!

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