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Posted by on December 3, 2009 in craft | 3 comments

I took a brief break from all that knitting last weekend to scrounge around in my beading supplies. I'm not much of a jewelry maker, especially since I'm not much of a jewelry wearer, but lately it seems as if I am acquiring some cute necklaces. I like the way they spice up my usual t-shirt/cardigan uniform. 

I've had this black chain for a while. I love the oblong links. I'm also a collector of vintage lace and linens, so I pulled out this bit of black lace and made a funky necklace (which was surprisingly difficult to photograph). 


It's lovely and light to wear. I like it just off center, so it feels sort of corsage-like. But I could use some advice from the jewelry makers out there. I like the multiple strands of chain, but they wrapped around themselves throughout the day and twisted into a single chain. Is there a way to keep them separated? Jump rings between the chains? Short lengths of chain running perpendicular? Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you! 

Okay, it's back to knitting for me now! 



  1. If you’re using beads, you use something called a spacer bar ( I don’t know if there are some that have large enough holes for your chain to fit through? Or if you could maybe make a little link from wire, to go through the hole and link to chain on either side of the hole in the spacer? I haven’t gotten into doing that with chain, so I’m a little clueless on the mechanics of using a bar spacer with chain.

  2. PS Your necklace is awesome.

  3. Try using a multistrand connector or clasp. They usually work well for chains… a quick clasp search on Etsy came up with a variety of styles:
    Love the necklace!

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